Monday, March 23, 2009

Panda Bear's People Party

For their "One Week Only" feature, P4K is now offering live footage of Panda Bear's 2007 summer tour. While the DIY video of Panda Bear, WZT Hearts, Eric Copeland, and Tickley Feather performing live is pretty great, this tour documentary has already been made available for free.

Mike, of EatTapes, originally created the documentary with full intention of giving it away as a free DVD. While complications got in the way of allowing it to be a physical release, Mike hi-jacked the power of the "internet" to implement his original intentions.

Go here, for several ways in which to download this free DVD of Panda Bear and friends playing live. The highlight of the film is Panda Bear's 2007 homecoming show at the Ottobar. Next time you can catch him there is May 10th, as he will be performing with the full collective of animals. Tickets are all kinds of gone for this one though.

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