Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photos: Cotton Jones, The Christmas Lights, The Owls Go

Photos by Chrissy

Disclaimer: I ruptured my ear drum Friday night, and still do not have proper hearing ability. This was my first show back in action. My thoughts are right ear biased.

A decent turnout arrived for Monday night's lineup at the Ottobar which boasted Cotton Jones, The Christmas Lights, and The Owls Go. I missed most of the openers, but showed up in time to catch the lead singer of Owls Go singing through a phone headset. Certainly caught my attention, and seemed worth arriving in a more timely fashion.

The Christmas Lights were more than likely the first band I've ever seen coming out of the Frostburg music scene. Not entirely sure there is enough action to constitute a scene in Frostburg, but dudes did a nice job representing either way. High energy key synths paired with some solid beats made a quality pairing to the lead singer's restrained yet often eratic bursts of energy.

Also hailing from the far western hills of Maryland, Cotton Jones provided the evening's nightcap. Bringing their wide array of psychadelic country to display for us city folk, their live sound was indeed pleasant. Maybe not full of as much southern comfort as Paranoid Cocoon, but entertaining and enjoyable nonetheless. Paul McCartney covers and all, a quality performance all around.

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