Monday, March 2, 2009

J Roddy Daytrotted

DC9 was celebrating it's 5 year anniversery Saturday, but I made the trek down to DC with an ulterior motive. J Roddy Walston and the Business were opening the party, and my need for whiskey-soaked piano rock had ensued.

Unfortunately, as I walked up the steps to DC9 that night, J Roddy were closing up their set. The odor of sweat and booze permeated the walls of the sold out affair, and all signs pointed to me having missed another great J Roddy performance.

Daytrotter must have gotten word of my tragic lateness, as they conveniently posted a stellar J Roddy set the following morning. The set consists of 4 free MP3s, and are yours for the taking right here. 2 of the tracks are unreleased and include "I'm Going Out".

Catch the band on their home turf at the Ottobar March 28th with Egg Babies. Mr. Roddy also informed me of a free gig the following night with The Hold Steady at the Recher Theatre. Expect full details later in the month on both of these gigs.

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Anonymous said...

The Hold Steady and J Roddy back to back... now that's going to be a good show. I already got tickets through but it seems that The City Paper has a contest for tickets as well.