Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo Review: The Flaming Lips at Merriweather

Photos by Chrissy

A little band from Oklahoma dominated Merriweather Post Pavilion Friday night, littering Symphony Woods with confetti and pure joy. If you've ever seen the Flaming Lips live, you'd know that words are hardly the means for depicting their show. However, Chrissy's photo set above does the spectacle some justice.

The show began by the group walking out of a giant woman's ladyparts, and Wayne Coyne doing his signature hamster ball styled crowd surfing. All the staples were played, some of which were slowed down to maximize on the crowd's participation in singing along. A true feel good affair all around.

They rocked a pretty great setlist, that included some fresh tunes that will be found on their new album. Embryonic hits speakers and headphones October 13th via Warner, and based off the new stuff played Friday night one should expect a darker and even more psychedelic sound than past efforts.

I've been told that every Flaming Lips show is performed like they are playing their very last concert, never feeling like a routine. Friday night proved no different, and perhaps the band was in such good spirits due to visiting one of the areas best sushi spots beforehand, Sushi Sono. Whatever the case may be, the Flaming Lips are clearly one of the more consistently epic performers of our time.


Bumpy Gathers said...

Lightweight, populist psych rock for tweeners and twinks. I hope these guys go away. And soon.

Brett said...

Woah there Bumpy, for tweeners?

I didn't see too many people at the show under the age of 20, the majority being above 25 as these guys have been around for awhile and certainly seem to appeal to a more mature audience.

And seeing that they've already been around for 20+ years, I can't imagine they're going away anytime soon. Sorry Bumpy.

And what exactly is a twink?

madmoomoo said... don't know what you're talking about..brett is right they've been around for 20+ you won't see them going away soon..i've been a fan for more than 12yrs..the flaming lips make music that you won't here or get from anybody else..they like what they do obviously and some people i guess like them too..if you hate them just don't go to their shows..i'm sure they have more than enough people going to they'e shows... you can go away. said...

best show ever!