Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dustin Wong: Seasons

Being part of both Ponytail and Ecstatic Sunshine have already cemented Dustin Wong as a staple of this town. Dustin's exuberant guitar work have made each of these fantastic bands possible, both thriving off the sheer joy that beckons from his ridiculously talented fingertips.

On his first solo effort, the same happiness is reached but with a bit of a different approach.

embodies a personal look into Dustin's ambitions, implementing recordings put together between 2002 and 2007 in his house. Other sounds fade here or there, but this record is mainly the chilled-out whirlings of his guitar.

With a handwritten letter explaining the process of the record on the back of the sleeve, it's clear that this is personal endeavor. The LP was recorded using his computer's internal microphone, while editing speed and phasing to get the desired sounds and effects. In fact due to the amount of layers and detail put into these works, performing them live would require 7-9 people.

A poorly heated residence is to blame for the seasons having such a heavy influence on this album. Feelings of warm, cold, frigid, and scorching are all present, much like his other output Ecstatic Sunshine. The digital confines of the CPU's internal mic are forgotten, as the layers provide a lush feel throughout each and every looping melody.

Order Seasons straight from Wildfire Wildfire, or head down to Soundgarden and grab it for $9.99 which includes a download card. You can catch Dustin in Ecstatic Sunshine at the Hexagon August 18th and/or with Ponytail at the Ottobar on September 25th.

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