Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Golden Westival Lineup

Everyone's favorite avenue watering hole is hosting quite the event next week. The Golden West presents Golden Westival and/or Golden Fest. Call it what you will, this a four night local music extravaganza of varying sorts.

The Golden West has been a popular workplace for artists, and this gathering aims to serve as a pretty bad ass employee talent show. A mere 20 bucks gets you in all four nights, or 6 dollars for each night. In addition to music, Braegen promises a theatrical performance and a science experiment.

Check out each night's lineup below:

Thursday 8/20/09
Crazy Dreams Band , Jana Hunter, Jones, Young & Rusty presents his Cocaine Sex Jams, Brian Adam Ant

Friday 8/21/09
Lo Moda, Ed schrader, Matrimonials, Necklace

Saturday 8/22/09
Mishaps , Cex, Old THUNDER HEART, Midnight Society, Zach Kaufman

Sunday 8/23/09
Pilgrim, Mickey Free, Child Bride, Macgregor Burns, Boner Jamz

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