Monday, August 24, 2009

Ticket Giveaway: Mos Def and Talib Kweli at Sonar

The mighty Mos Def is taking victory laps for his best record in years, The Ecstatic. He'll be hitting the main stage at Sonar on Wednesday September 16th, and bringing with him an old pal.

Talib Kweli is joining him for this leg of the Ecstatic Tour. The only possible thing that could make this better is if it was dubbed the Black Star tour. Both have contributed to some of the best hip hop albums of our time, and Mos Def's newest LP is a sure sign he's still got it.

While his last couple albums were a bit more experimental, The Ecstatic gets back to what Mos does best. Politically and socially charged rhymes, killer beats, and some ridiculously stellar production. With beats ranging from Turkish psych samples to some samba styled funk, this one's got plenty of culture. "Life in Marvelous Times" finds Mos Def as epic as ever, painting a vivid landscape of Brooklyn in the early 80s.

With much thanks to Sonar, I've got some tickets to give away for this show and I strongly suggest you have at 'em. You can do so by simply emailing, and letting me know you're interested. I'll pick a winner at random a few days before the show, so be sure to check inboxes then.

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