Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebration - "Shelter"

One of Baltimore's most beloved bands continues on with their new journey, adding another free track to their site. Celebration have chosen a new path since leaving 4AD, a direction that has found them uploading gem after gem to their website.

The newest track is called "Shelter", and is the fourth track to be added to their Electric Tarot virtual card deck. "Shelter" is certainly one of the more delicate tunes to grace the project, showcasing the more pristine side of Katrina's voice rather than haunts and bellows of some of the more grandiose tracks in the deck. The result is rather beautiful - a song that winds and crawls its way upward, until you've joined the band up in the atmosphere just as they likely intended.

While on the surface the Electric Tarot project appears to have slowed down, I am happy to report that it is still on track. I had the privilege of spending some time in the studio with Celebration last week, where they informed me that they were mixing the last track to be included in the first Electric Tarot physical release.

Peep the video accompaniment to "Shelter" after the jump, more to come soon.


Anonymous said...

so does this mean that the album is coming out on friends record label?

Brett said...

the band has yet to disclose who will be releasing the LP, but I promise to keep ya'll fully posted on all the details.