Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I present you with a brand new EP from a relatively new project out of Baltimore. While Raindeer has been in the works for several years, it's only until now the artist is given a proper a name, which is now matched with a it's first release.

Raindeer's first EP is several years in the making, which is easy to tell based on the impeccable production found throughout the six tracks. Hear for yourself...

<a href="">This is My Last Transmission by Raindeer</a>

"This Is My Last Transmision" is the last track on the EP, and is also one of the more beautiful and lush songs created by Raindeer. The release's repertoire runs incredibly deep, with traces of prog, psych, pop, dance, and so much more. It's clear Raindeer's influences have a pretty wide range, yet the release feels as complete and cohesive as can possibly be.

Going from the 80s prom styles of opening track "From The Lagoon" to the dark and dreamy vibes of "Social Networking" makes sense, especially when considering the chorus of the latter - "Dance, I don't dance". While this may get dubbed a bedroom project, the production and sensibility are far from any bedroom project I've ever heard. This is an independent treasure that wouldn't be out of place on a big budget Hollywood film or the next dumb iPod commercial.

Charlie Hughes, the man behind Raindeer, is currently putting together a band so he can take the project to the stage. But for now, get the new EP for free from his site.



1. From the Lagoon 04:04
2. Social Networking 03:50
3. Juanita 03:23
4. Dark Place 03:53
5. Green Light 04:01
6. This is My Last Transmission 04:42

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Neil said...

damn this is good. i wanna play a show with them!