Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Future Islands - Undressed
+ "Walking Through That Door"

In the past few weeks I've ranted and raved about Future Islands' first ever acoustic set. The band had told me about a recording they participated in at Mobtown Studios while practicing for that set, and yesterday the kind folks at Thrill Jockey dropped me a line to confirm this new release.

A brand new Future Islands EP called Undressed will be released by Thrill Jockey on September 21. This 12 inch will be the result of their acoustic recording at Mobtown, where they were joined by Denny Bowen (Double Dagger) on drums, Kate Barutha on cello, and Devlin Rice (Nuclear Power Pants) on guitar.

The recording is also intended for a broadcast the band did for WYPR's The Signal, which has yet to air on the station. There will not be any tracks from the EP released prior, but expect a similar stripped-down vibe as the Metro Gallery performance.

However in other Future Islands news, "Walking Through That Door" (the first track on this year's LP) was just made available by Thrill Jockey. The details on the Future Islands' seven inch with Friends Records will be shared early in September, around the same time the trio embark on a massive European tour.

Get the track listing for Undressed after the jump.

Future Islands
Thrill Jockey 2010

01. In the Fall
02. An Apology
03. Long Flight
04. Little Dreamer

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Chris said...

That's awesome news! Can't wait to hear it crackle to life for the first time on my turntable, should be pretty awesome if it's anything close to the Metro Gallery performance. Do you know if they'll be bringing in the same support from the Metro show for the recording?