Monday, August 9, 2010

Live MP3s: Lower Dens at Metro Gallery

Lower Dens just started a two month tour, and just released their debut LP dubbed Twin Hand Movement. The record is easily one of the best albums to come out of our fair city this year, and Jana Hunter's crew have played a slew of killer sets this year as well.

The most recent was the first show of their current tour with Inoculist, played here in Baltimore at the Metro Gallery on August 1st. Lands & Peoples also opened, and Lower Dens headlined with an hour long set full of familiar songs and some new material. Guy Werner recently passed along the recording of the whole set, including this track.

You won't find "Batman" on Twin Hand Movement, a song that I instantly fell in love with as they played it to close out their set at Whartscape. This new(ish) jam is a fine representation of the vibe-induced melodies, floating vocals, and infectious rhythms that make up the new LP. Jana Hunter let me know yesterday that while "Batman" isn't really a new song, it will be first released as an upcoming single via Gnomonsong. Rad.

Full Set MP3 Link: Lower Dens - Live @ Metro Gallery (recorded by Guy Werner)

Download the whole set at the link above, including the last song which was a cover of the Cass McCombs track "What Isn't Nature". View the whole set list after the jump.

Lower Dens
Metro Gallery, Baltimore

Deer Knives
Tea Lights
Blue and Silver
Dog's Dick
Hospice Gates
2 Cocks
Plastic and Powder
What Isn't Nature (Cass McCombs cover)

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