Monday, August 16, 2010

new Oxes - "Crunchy Zest"

There is a band from Baltimore called Oxes. They used to play a lot, and now they don't. This has changed very temporarily, as Nat Fowler's been back in town for the past month or so. They played Whartscape, and more recently played their first non-Whartscape related gig in the past several years.

A late night set went down at the Windup Space Saturday night, and was definitely a much welcomed affair. Blasting a packed house for nearly an hour, it was pretty incredible to witness Marc Miller, Christopher Freeland, and Nat Fowler back in action.

Not only did they play a rare show, but they also displayed some brand new material. Above you'll find Guy Werner's video for "Crunchy Zest", glorious proof that the dude's still have it in 'em. This rad new track wasn't even the highlight, as the entire set was easily one of the best I've experienced all year.

Check back this week for photos, and peep some psyche-blown footage below.