Friday, May 30, 2008

Game On

I'm back in the country, and have been subjected to nothing but Israeli tunes and Bedouin tribal jams for the past 10 days. But, it looks as if there have been some local events stirring up during my adventure abroad.

Whartscape 2008 will take place July 17th-20th at various locations throughout Baltimore. Last year included the likes of Spank Rock and Mr. Deacon, and this year shall fail to disappoint as well.

The initial lineup includes Celebration, Jana Hunter, Beach House, Dan Deacon, Ponytail, Double Dagger, The Death Set, The Mae Shi, WZT Hearts, Matmos, Ecstatic Sunshine, Greg Gillis, Videohippos, and Black Dice.

Wow. And, supposedly 50 more will be added.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is one of the first pics google image search gave me when I typed "hiatus". No idea. I'm heading out of the country for a couple weeks. In the meantime, enjoy some groovage.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bells Will Be Rocked

Rock the Bells hits Merriweather this summer on July 27th. Headliners include Tribe Called Quest, Spank Rock, De La Soul, Pharycyde, Mos Def, and Santogold. There probably has not been this much hip hop in Howard County since MC Hammer wore pants like this.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Spank Rock Endorses Vinaigrette?

There is currently a plethora of major corporations using decent music to cash in. In recent commercials Bud Light used a Santogold track, Acura used a Spoon song, and the NBA rocked some Radiohead. But the one I came across this morning gets the award for the biggest WTF moment of the week.

Spank Rock's track "Bump" has been used to advertise salad dressing. Yes, salad dressing. Wishbone Bountifuls Vinaigrette claim their dressing is loaded with chunky pieces of vegetables and luscious pieces of fruit. However they make no claims of their genitalia tasting the best, like Amanda Blank does on her verse in the song.