Thursday, November 12, 2009

Clusterf*ck: Shows in Bmore This Weekend

Ever since Fall started, weekends in Baltimore have been stockpiled with stellar shows to attend. Tough choices have been made, and there are more yet to be. I'm sure as heck not complaining about living in a city where choosing between this many shows is sometimes considered a problem.

Yeah, we got other problems too, but this is a music blog. Tonight TAXLO is throwing another one of their mega parties, with Peaches, Ponytail, and Men at Sonar. Now, you won't find too many Peaches tracks on my iTunes, but I'd sure as hell go to check out what their live spectacle is all about.

Ponytail, is a band that needs no more endorsement from me. Their last show at the Ottobar was considered by some to be epic, and I thought they rocked some faces off an eager crowd. Not to mention, I'm not sure I got across off how amazing Dustin Wong was at Soft Fest. Dustin performed guitar compositions similar to what is on Seasons, an album that he had written on the back about how playing the songs live would require at least seven times the sets of hands to perform. Plus, most know Molly Siegel, Jeremy Hyman, and Ken Seeno are going to bring it just as hard.

The Zodiac also hosts a good one tonight, of the more relaxed variety. Lizz King is performing a rare acoustic set, with Andy Abelow and Golden Ghost on support. You can still snag Andy Abelow's excellent set from Soft Fest via MP3 or FLAC.

Tomorrow night the Hexagon's got a pretty kick ass show, as Imperial China, The G, and Compression all play some tunes. I got the chance to speak with Pat from The G last week, in an interview fit for a D.A.R.E. commercial. Dan Auerbach of Black Keys fame is also in town, headlining a big show at Sonar.

Saturday night is yet again stuffed, but MT6 Fest only happens once a year. This year it goes down at the Hexagon, with two stages and the usual cast of misfits. Highlights include Abiku, Bad Liquor Pond, Herioin UK, Newagehillbilly, Needle Gun, and a whole lot more.

Another event on Saturday that is totally worth stopping by is a gallery opening at Open Space. The collection is being dubbed Ordinary Spectacles, which among many others, features the works of Steve Keene. Steve Keene is responsible for a whole mess of album artwork, including some of Pavement's cover art.

Yes, there are more choices on Saturday, with Surfer Blood hitting the Ottobar opening up for Art Brut. Last but not least, Time New Vikings brings its no-fi pop to the Talking Head with Mr. Moccasin running support.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention Jandek, Twig Harper and Jason Willet at the Load of Fun LOFT...

Brett said...

Oh, man! I knew I was leaving something big out. This weekend is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

how bout max tundra at metro gallery tonight