Thursday, August 28, 2008

Elderly Opinions on "Modern Contemporary" Music

I present you with Breakfast at Sulimays, music reviews from senior citizens while they eat their dates and prune juice. A welcoming alternative to MTV's opinion, these old folks discuss their feelings on "hip" new music. The one above features some classic reactions to Harvey Milk, and a Beck tune that the kids can "wiggle their tushes" to.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beach House on

Victoria and Alex have graced "Juan's Basement" with their presence, which consequentially lead to a 3 part series of songs and interviews on P4K's video site. Above is my favorite of the works, a rendition of Devotion stand-out "Holy Dances". The other 2 performances can be found here and here, and include "Gila" and "Apple Orchard". Beach House will be joining the Baltimore Round Robin Tour come October.

Monday, August 25, 2008

That's Why They Call Them Business Socks

Previously noted suits J Roddy Walston and the Business are embarking on a voyage that will be sure to remove business socks on a nightly basis. Spreading hoedown rock and roll love throughout the US of A, it seems as if J Roddy will be piano thrashing in the city that reads shortly.

The band headlines the Ottobar on Saturday, September 13th. In a show that might aid in bringing Elvis back from the dead, expect natty boh and whiskey infused enthusiasm throughout the evening. Support will come from The Weight and Danger Man. Sample some tracks from their album, Hail Mega Boys, at will below.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monotonix, Lighting Drums on Fire in a City Near You

I was in Israel this summer, and was subjected to mostly rap circa 1999 and Bedouin tribal jams throughout the duration of my stay. However, I did read about a band in a U.S. based magazine while in Tel Aviv, irony being they were originally from Tel Aviv.

Unlike what it seemed in Israel, Monotonix is no stranger to these parts. With gigs at the Talking Head and Black Cat this year, these Drag City signees seem to be impressing heads with their ridiculous shows that often include drum surfing.

They'll be back in the area, playing the Ottobar with Japanese garage psych rockers DMBQ on October 20th. If in need of more immediate rock and roll freakouts, you can catch them at the Black Cat September 10th with indie hillbilly rock gods Silver Jews.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flaming Lips Film

The Flaming Lips will be sharing their film, "Christmas on Mars" with theaters across the country in the coming months. Various festivals have already screened the production, and it will also be released on DVD just in time for your astronautical stockings.

I'm pretty sure the trailer of the long awaited movie is something you might be interested in.

Arbouretem & Pontiak to Play Talking Head

Arbouretem will headline the Talking Head September 5th, bringing folk drudge jams to all. You know a band is going to be pretty impressive when they are lead by someone, Dave Heumann, who has played with both Will Oldham and Cass McCombs.

The band just dropped the previously mentioned Kale, a split 12 inch that features originals and John Cale covers from both bands. Pontiak rocks side B of the record, delivering a solid rendition of "Mr. Wilson" to cap things off.

Expect a quality show, with support from The Psychic Paramount and Sri Aurobindo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Tracks From Brian Adam Ant

Supreme experimental folks man Brian Adam Ant has unveiled some exclusive premieres from his Sphinx demos, or officially titled, "everything I've done in new york city".

The following streams are a compilation of semi-completed works resulting from his habitation in Brooklyn. All tracks come highly recommended, but the first jaunt "Granny Smith Potplatter Sample", is a must.

Credit supporting vocals on "I Don't Know Why" to Australia's Emma Zakarevicus. Look forward to shows and more music from Mr. Ant, as he will be relocating back to the city of charm and peacefully rocking our worlds shortly.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gary War

SHDWPLY Records is home to must-hear Baltimore, Virginia, and other more nomadic artists alike. The label has dropped some seriousness as of late, and plans on continuing to do so. I already gabbed about The Super Vacations and Teeth Mountain's LPs, but indeed there is more.

Gary War rocks the psych post punk whatever with more vocal echoes and guitar bliss than you can shake a stick at. His debut record, New Raytheonport, is out now on SHDWPLY and Disaro. He's also got a single dropping in the fall on Sacred Bones.

From what I've heard off the label's promo, more good things are in store for the future. Check out some Gary War tunage for now below, and check back for more new stuff.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ra Ra Riot Debut Full Length & Show

With only one EP under their belt, the internets are more than likely foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the release of Ra Ra Riot's first full album. Out next week on Barsuk, the band illustrates their aurally mesmerizing sound as:

"a frothing cauldron of gruel"

But, you should probably download the Daytrotter sesh and come to your own conclusions.

I came to mine last year, and will certainly be checking them out at the Ottobar on October 14th. With support from The Morning Benders, it should be a more than solid Tuesday evening. Do indulge in The Morning Bender's recording on Daytrotter as well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

War On Drugs Video

Originating from Bmore's brethren whose sports fans boo santa clause and throw batteries, War On Drugs dropped the sonically stimulating Wagonwheel Blues on Secretly Canadian earlier this summer. The video for "A Needle in Your Eye #16 " debuted today.

With coinciding visuals themed with the evolution of transportation in our country and its relations with ancestral origins, the video is a solid accompaniment to one of the album's stand-out tracks. War On Drugs are currently touring Europe until August 23rd.

Future Islands Debut LP

We all need more synth rock in our lives, don't deny. Enter Future Islands, Balimore's blend of upbeat rythyms, electronic frequencies, post wave punk, and pure joy.

Future Islands will be releasing their first full length, Wave Like Home, August 25 on UK label Upset the Rhythm. The 10 inch vinyl of the LP will be available via local mega collective Wham City. The album consists of 9 tracks, clocking in at an ideal 30 minutes.

The band has been touring extensively all summer, and will continue to do so in the fall. Dates in Bmore include August 22 at the Phoenix, September 30 at the Talking Head, and a Baltimore Round Robin rehearsal show October 1st. Choose one, or choose all.

New Stuff From Beach House & Wye Oak

Beach House will be releasing a 7 inch October 21st with a new song titled "Used to Be" on Carpark. The track is said by the duo to "contemplate the spiritual and physical effects of life on the everchanging road, love and getting older". Side B will be an original 4-track demo of the phenomenal "Apple Orchard".

Baltimore's other blown-up boy/girl duo, Wye Oak, also have new stuff for your ears. "Prodigy" was originally released as a b-side for a Destroyer 7 inch, but is now available for stream and download here courtesy of Merge.

Beach House played in Bmore last night with Cass McCombs, and will be joining the traveling ridiculousness that is to be known as the Baltimore Round Robin Tour. Wye Oak is now touring, and will be sharing a previously mentioned bill with The Dodos and Au in the city that reads on September 29th.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Super Vacations & Teeth Mountain

Everybody loves vacations. Especially super ones. And if everyone loved gritty lo-fi pop music, that would be cool too. The Super Vacations provide songcraft reminiscent of Dennis Wilson filtered through production similar to Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Signed to SHDWPLY RECORDS, they share the same label as Gary War and Teeth Mountain.

Balitmore's Teeth Mountain have also just released an LP, which the first 100 were released on limited edition blue vinyl. Not just pretty on the outside, the tribal electro soul beated record surges effortlessly. I missed them at whartscape, but plan to document live coverage asap.

With age, I'd expect to hear more from me about all 3 artists. Buy their debut albums here or here right now. Hopefully another triple-billed tour is in the works.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Duke Spirit @ Ottobar

The Duke Spirit
headlined the Ottobar last night, bringing their raw blend of indie pop across the pond to us yanks. Admittingly not entirely familiar with their repertoire, I became an instant fan of their music and antics.

Rocking through an hour long set without even stopping for tea and crumpets, the band was highly appreciative of their first run-in with a Baltimore crowd.

Liela Moss fronts The Duke Spirit, and fronts it well. Liela is what you would get if Janis Joplin was born in 1982, idolized Catwoman as a child, rocked out to The Pixies in high school, and consequently started a rock band.

Some of the few words spoken by Liela included assurance that a song was not in fact about vaginas, but about settings like the night's feel good show.

But band-to-crowd banter was of no importance, with energy pouring from band members into the audience throughout the evening. Their newest album Neptune is fully recommended, however does not quite grasp the elements that their live show thrives on. Check out the video for "The Step and the Walk" off the new LP.

Monday, August 4, 2008

David Byrne To Play The Lyric

Breaking news of epic proportions has just entered the blogosphere. In addition to a free new sample track from the upcoming David Byrne & Brian Eno album made available today, Byrne will be taking their highly influential jams on the road worldwide.

Stop #2 on the trek, Baltimore, Marlyland.

Lansdowne High School graduate David Byrne will return to the city of his adolescent roots to perform collaborative works done with Eno, obviously including Talking Heads songs. The tour hits the Lyric September 17th.

I for one could not be more excited, and assume you feel the same giddiness. The new track is available at the link above, and certainly portrays much promise for the new record. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today debuts digitally August 24th.

Animal Collective @ Pitchfork

Experimental freak poppers/the probable future of music, Animal Collective, rocked the Pitchfork Music Festival a couple weeks ago. P4K has been releasing clips on its video site (the probable future of MTV) and the ex-Baltimore residents are featured performing "Fireworks/Essplode". Looks like it was a grand old time.