Friday, July 29, 2011

Show: Co La - Chance Gets Lucky

There are shows, there are events, there are happenings, there are productions, there are parties, and sometimes there is just a room with people in it and music being played. Tomorrow night Co La (Matt Papich) and Daytime (Neal Reinalda) are presenting all, some, or none of these occurrences at Remington's Open Space.

July 30th's gathering is called Chance Gets Lucky, and it promises to go beyond the normal boundaries of Co La's champagne-pouring performance. The piece is based off a series of stories that have been posted on the Co La's Tumblr, and promises familiar songs that are remixed and re-contextualized. Papich describes tomorrow like so:

"At some point it becomes clear that the music is winding down. Encoded in the sound is a message that begins to make people aware of their surroundings again. This is partially because everyday sounds have been introduced on top of the music. It reminds people that abstractions are only openings, not the whole thing. Many people only now notice the changes in the space, and are surprised to see the monochrome paintings on the walls. They take pictures of themselves and their friends in front of them, like tourists, but often flash a little cleavage or moon the camera. Spirits are high. There are a variety of fliers and handbills on the floor. Some advertise events that have already happened, others represent services or brands. The flyers are simply designed, but colorful. Some are pure color, it's hard to tell if these are advertisements or not. There are now items for sale at the reception desk. One is a book whose cover reads "Bum Joke Book". Inside there is a spiritual exercises guidebook. There are also small porcelain copies of popular logos, like the Nike Swoosh or the Macintosh Apple. They've been cast so that you can smoke pot out of them, packing a bowl carved in the cup of the Swoosh, and hitting from the long pointy side. "

The evening starts at 9 PM, costs five dollars, and you can RSVP right here.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photos: Witch Hat, Dope Body, Creepoid

Dope Body
Dope Body continue their "bro-rock" onslaught to support Nupping, and last month they were joined by Baltimore's Witch Hat and Philadelphia's Creepoid at the Golden West.

Valerie Paulsgrove was there to capture the action, never missing a chance to catch Andrew Laumann contort his face in ways we never thought were possible. Keep your ears peeled for Witch Hat. Chris, Connor, and Noel just finished up a new LP and it looks to be available sooner rather than later, more details to come.

Witch Hat


Dope Body

Dope Body

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tonight: Callers, Nat Baldwin, Lands and Peoples

Tonight the Metro Gallery has a pretty blissful one for a Wednesday with Callers, Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors acclaim), and Baltimore's own Lands and Peoples.

The show tonight starts at 8 PM, costs eight dollars, and you can RSVP right here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dan Deacon - Meetle Mice & Silly Hat Vs. Eagle Hat

Word from Dan Deacon's press agent came Friday of some reissues in the works, this on the eve of the weekend where Dan attended Comic-Con with Francis Ford Coppola to promote the upcoming film he's scoring called TWIXT which stars Val Kilmer.

Above is "Spring", lifted from Deacon's Silly Hat Vs. Eagle Hat. Originally written while Dan was in college and distributed at shows via CDR, Dan specifies that the composition is something he did as he was just learning how to interact with sound.

"My own face is F word" comes from Meetle Mice, which originated similarly. Dan writes, "These albums are like seeds. They sound, look and feel very different from the fruit that they've grown but they are still of the same tree." Both Meetle Mice and Silly Hat Vs. Eagle Hat are getting the reissue treatment compliments of Carpark Records. On September 13 the label will be releasing both albums together as a double LP. In addition to vinyl, Carpark is also dubbing a limited number of each album to cassette.

Meetle Mice and Silly Hat Vs. Eagle Hat will be available September 13 via Carpark.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tonight: Teengirl Fantasy, Pictureplane, Gatekeeper

If tonight's show doesn't make you want to dance, then you probably have no soul. Once you've discovered that you do indeed have a soul, brave the heatwave for Club Hippo.

The Deep in the Game dudes have outdone themselves this time, bringing to Baltimore a crop of some of the most exciting electronic dance music being made today. Performing live will be Oberlin's Whartscape alums Teengirl Fantasy, the deconstructed house music of Denver's Pictureplane, and the haunted pounding synths of New York's Gatekeeper. Baltimore's own DJ Dog Dick is also on the bill, along with the usual resident DJs.

This one starts at 10 PM, costs eight dollars, and you can RSVP right here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Show: The Violet Hour Record Release

The Violet Hour is Baltimore's mysteriously transcendent duo of Beth Varden and Andriana Pateris. Their carefully layered blend of dream-psych has been a highly coveted but seldom seen live show in town for the past several years. This weekend at the Metro Gallery they are celebrating the release of their debut full length on vinyl.

The Violet Hour was recorded in Baltimore several years ago at Lord Baltimore Studios. It was engineered by Rob Girardi, who recorded each and every lush layer directly to two-inch analog tape. The style of production used is most appreciated when experienced on vinyl, and Friends Records pressed up a very limited batch of this title to share.

Above is a stream of the full album, available digitally through Bandcamp. Physically, there are 250 hand-numbered copies on wax, with art by Beth Varden that was screen-printed by Chris Day at Open Space. These will first be made available on Saturday.

Saturday's show at the Metro Gallery also features Television Hill, Vlonde (formerly Bear & Pieces), and a solo set by David Bergander of Celebration. The event starts at at 9 PM on July 23, and you can get tickets right here. More info on The Violet Hour right here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tonight: Gang Gang Dance at the Ottobar

The electro-tribal bliss that is Gang Gang Dance hits the Ottobar tonight, and will be joined by Total Freedom and Nguzunguzu. Tickets are still available right here.

Directly above is the video for Gang Gang Dance's "Mindkilla". Streaming above that is "Glass Jar". Both are new singles from their fantastic new Eye Contact LP via 4AD.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Holy Ghost Party - Holy Ghost Party

David Jacober and Zachary Utz make a lot of music, and a wide variety at that. Their main project is Dope Body, a Baltimore staple that got some Pitchfork love yesterday.

However their other outlet, a less loud and abrasive entity, is set to release it's debut. Holy Ghost Party are only an EP deep at this point, but are now ready with their first full length. It's a self-titled affair, and is out this weekend on cassette via Friends Records.

Holy Ghost Party is over 35 minutes of some of the weirder pop music you'll hear. While combining elements of countless genres, somewhere it all comes together into some form of prog-pop. In Dope Body, guitar is used to create alien-like noise that's meant to puncture your head-space. But in Holy Ghost Party, similar styles are used to add unique percussion and a rich layer of strange that's fit for a more cosmic experience.

The album will first be made available at Worlds in Collusion tomorrow, where Holy Ghost Party opens up the event starting at noon. Check out the new tape here.

Tonight: Butt Stomach, Total Slacker, Weekends, Friends

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ed Schrader's Music Beat - "Rats"

Operating under the moniker Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Ed Schrader has a new band. Joining Schrader over the past year has been Devlin Rice, who was added to play bass with Ed when "he was asked to play a rave in Baltimore." It's been working out rather well since, as Ed continues to enforce his drum and vocal performance but now with the added bonus of Devlin's bass. Here's their first proper recording.

"Rats" is the first single, due out on a 7" via Load Records this week. It is a fine example of the pulsing simplicity that E.S.M.B. does best, driving a point home with insanely raw power. The song gets off to a quick start as Schrader's lyrics start with the rats themselves, questioning why they "wanna go and kill our haircut." When the beat slows down, and Devlin's bass becomes more anthemic, Ed recites a more grandiose verse:
"From the musk to the man to the guillotine,
from the musk to the man to the satellites of death."
You begin to get the picture that Ed might not be talking about actual rats, though being from Baltimore, it's still a strong possibility. "Rats" boasts a stellar production team, as it was recorded by Twig Harper and mixed by Chester Endersby Gwazda. The 7" is due out soon, but the full length called Jazzmind is slated to drop on Load Records this fall. Ed Schrader's Music Beat hits the road tomorrow, dates are after the jump.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Artscape: Worlds In Collusion

This year's Artscape is this weekend, and the good folks at High Zero are again offering a chance to get out of the heat and into some air-conditioned weirdness. In conjunction with University of Baltimore and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts, High Zero presents Worlds In Collusion.

Art of the musical, aural, and performance-based variety will be on display, all within the more avant-garde realm you'd expect from High Zero. Check out the schedule below.

Friday July 15
2pm K. S. Resmi • Indian Carnatic Singing
3pm Alex Strama • Theatrical Apocalyptic Rock
4pm Effervescent Collective • Experimental dance & music
5pm Ear Monsters • Free Jazz by Elementary Schoolers 
6pm N. Scott Robinson • World Percussion
7pm The Westsiders (Baltimore Marching Band) • Exalted Baltimore spirit 
8pm Sam Garrett • Modern Classical compositions
9pm Andy Hayleck and Dan Conrad • Hypnotic light performance with music

Saturday July 16
12pm Holy Ghost Party • Chillingly  weird pop music  
1pm Rum Raisin • Cathartic noise music
2pm Spaceships and Insects (Liz Downing and Nathan Bell) • Cosmic  Banjos & Songs
3pm HEARTON (Dan Bren and Friends) •  Unpredictable improvised madness 
4pm Neil Feather • Visionary  invented instruments
5pm Peabody Early Music Ensemble • Music  from Ancient Times to the Renaissance 
6pm Geist • Japanese  Heavy Metal
7pm Samuel Burt Ensemble • Compositions for Reeds, Strings, and Electronics
8pm Soumya  Chakraverty • Gorgeous Indian Classical Music

Sunday July 17
12pm Parallel Octave • Experimental  Greek chorus sings unusual texts
1pm Jesse Heffler & Allen  Mozek • Spoken Word / Experimental Performance
2pm Whoarfrost • Explosive experimental rock 
3pm Composer Will  Redman • Avant-garde classical music featuring improvisation 
4pm Ahmed Borhani • Persian Classical Music
5pm Horselords •  Hypnotic rock influenced by North African music 
6pm Jimmy Joe  Roche  • Live electronic music
7pm Wrhatnala USA Gamelan  Ensemble • Traditional Balinese music

All shows take place at the University of Baltimore Student Center on the 5th floor. Look for new sounds from Holy Ghost Party right here later this week.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jason Urick and Cex - Title King

Last week on my Impose column I posted about a new tape that has yet to leave my iTunes playlist, and now my tape deck thanks to Justin over at Watercolor Records.

It's a new dub edit cassette from Jason Urick and Cex, and it's out now. Above is the lead, and just a sample of what to expect from the following 45 minutes of tape. Some more info on this one is over at Impose, but be sure to grab the "8 tracks of Winterfresh Dub forged in a cavern under a ganja feild" to get your summer started right.

Title King is available on tape and as a free download via Watercolor.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Videos: Future Islands, Dr. Unk, Rapdragons

Videos are stockpiling - here's new shorts from Future Islands, Dr. Unk, and Rapdragons.

Today Pitchfork premiered the Abe Sanders directed short for Future Islands' "Before the Bridge", the lead single off their almost sold-out forthcoming 7" on Thrill Jockey.

I did a bit of a mega-post on Neal Reinalda's DJ project Dr. Unk back in May, and now here's the first video. The song is a Dr. Unk remix of Britney Spears' "Till The World Ends", and it was shot over at Open Space a few weeks ago. It was directed by Neil Sanzgiri of Soft Cat, and features a whole mess of friendly faces causing a ruckus that includes smashing chairs, bikinis, and Brendan Sullivan on a skateboard beer-in-hand.

Greg from Rapdragons recently passed along a new short shot Matt Casey and edited by Finn Wake for their Neon Indian-sampling "Got a Light". Get the new EP here.

Video: Co La - "Blood Orange Crush"

Matt Papich's new project Co La swelters on this summer, with a summer single series called Fugitive of Leisure. The video for June's single is above, "Blood Orange Crush".

Produced and directed by Co La and Lotfy Nathan, and a written credit given to Vishwam Velandy, this new short aims to sum up visually what ideas Co La's "future-club" sounds evoke. With sex, drugs, and deconstructed pop music from latter days - this one is most certainly for the hottest part of your summer mix tape.

Pre-order or download the Fugutive of Leisure series all summer from Friends Records.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Video: Romantic States - "The Fourth"

Jim from the currently hibernating Videohippos recently passed along a beautiful new Romantic States EP that I've enjoyed spending some time with. More on that soon, but for now take in the festive new video for a song off that EP called "The Fourth".

The rest of Still Petals is equally fantastic, look out for it on Beko-DSL soon.

Tonight: In Every Room, Weekends, Jabon, more

Celebrate America tonight at the H&H's 5th Dimension with In Every Room, Weekends, Jabon, and Dada Trash Collage.This will be In Every Room's first live show in over five months, and the band promises a re-worked set with all new songs. You likely already know that Weekends will aim to shred your face off, and Jabon is in fact the producer behind a handful of Animal Collective albums (Feels and Strawberry Jam).

The show starts at 9:30, takes place at the 5th Dimension, and you can RSVP here.