Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Victory Lap: Future Islands

It's been made pretty clear that these dudes have put out one of the finest albums of the year in On The Water, and today they hit the road with Ed Schrader's Music Beat.

Tonight Future Islands play Black Cat's main stage down in D.C. with Javelin on support for the first leg of their massive tour. William Cashion, Sam Herring, and Gerrit Welmers celebrated the release of their new record last week at the intimate confines of The Depot, and Valerie was there to capture all the action.

Future Islands

Future Islands

Future Islands

Future Islands

Tour dates are right here, and more photos after the jump.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Show: Dan Deacon, Celebration, Matmos

Dan Deacon Ensemble @ Whartscape 2009
photo by Eye Bodega

The Dan Deacon Ensemble has fluctuated in size and dynamic since it's original Bromst components several years ago. On Friday, December 16 in Baltimore, a new ensemble will be unveiled. The new five piece will make its debut at the Ottobar on the just announced triple-threat bill that also includes Celebration and Matmos.

Dan writes that this ensemble will include Denny Bowen, Dave Jacober, Chester Gwazda, and Jordan Casey - to which he aptly described as "champions." A completely warranted statement with this new double-synth, double-percussion powerhouse that includes members of Double Dagger, Dope Body, and more. Deacon is currently engulfed in writing the next LP, and this show looks to be a good introduction to what's next.

Toss in the city's finest psych-soul warriors Celebration, and local legends Matmos, and you've got yourself a big one. Tickets go on sale today over at the Ottobar.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inflatable Mattress - Pumped Up / Blue Mattress

Your new favorite cassette is over at Wigflip right now, fresh beats from the label founder himself. Will Pesta is Inflatable Mattress, who is also known to produce psycho-ambient swirls under the Happy Family moniker. I covered the first side of this tape, Pumped Up, back at the beginning of this year.

Side B sports Blue Mattress - a deeper cosmic adventure through beats. "Silent Heads" is an early groove on the side, a stand-out lifter that rolls like clouds over a skyscraper.

This is Wigflip's newest offering, available to order now on tape from their site or digitally over on Boomkat. Also, you definitely don't want to miss out on this wonked-out romper room short for the Jazzy J mix of "Funkhouser."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New: Ed Schrader Show

The Ed Schrader Show was back in action a few weeks ago, and the glorious new episode just went live on the interwebs last night compliments of Guy Werner and probably a million other awesome people. This episode featured Ellie Beziat (Sick Weapons, RIP), director Matt Porterfield, and a performance by Future Islands.

Watch it below and after the jump, and steer clear of the cat with herpes in its eye.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Go: Future Islands & Celebration

Future Islands
On Saturday in Baltimore you can go see two bands that will likely be responsible for the best two records to come out of town this year - Celebration and Future Islands.

Next week marks the release of On The Water, the third long player from Future Islands. Words can only begin to describe the magnitude of this record, churning feelings and evoking a sense of consciousness that's found between the perfect balance of sheer joy and utter despair. Throw in a guest appearance by Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner, Denny Bowen laying down live drums, and beyond-perfect production by Chester Endersby Gwazda, and dudes have created a masterpiece. Future Islands play their only in-store performance of their massive upcoming North American tour tomorrow at 5 PM at Sound Garden.

Celebration relinquished their first LP in a number of years earlier in 2011, a nine song affair titled Hello Paradise. Not only was each song perfect in just about every way, but the statement made in the story behind the record highlights just about everything wrong with today's music industry. Celebration are putting on an intimate performance at The Metro Gallery on Saturday night with Lands and Peoples before they head out on the road for a southern tour with Arbouretum later this month.

View tour dates for both Future Islands and Celebration after the jump.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oxes - "Crunchy Zest"

Just about every band that I've ever covered from Baltimore probably owes a nod to the trio of Chris Freeland, Marc Miller, and Nat Fowler. Oxes haven't had a U.S. release since 2005, but have still managed to be there when Baltimore's needed them most.

Whartscape 2008 (below) and Whoxescape in 2010 (above) are a few of the rare appearances they've tossed our way since, but that changes this Fall.

They shall stand on boxes again, and this time with a couple new releases on the table. The first of which is called Bile Stbudy - a new 12" limited to five hundred copies on Friends Records. The wax will feature "Crunchy Zest", "Orange Jewelryist", and more.

"Crunchy Zest" has made a few stellar live appearances, including this one.

In addition to new releases, Oxes have shows in the works. The first of which Citypaper spilled the news on last week - November 5 at Baltimore's thought-to-be-dead G Spot with Thank You and special guests. RSVP to that here. They were also invited by Les Savy Fav to play ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas this December in England.

Pre-order Bile Stbudy here, and you'll want to stay tuned for the next Oxes release.