Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sri Aurobindo

Tomorrow's Aural States Fest is not only blessed with proven talent with the likes of Arbouretem and Wye Oak. Sri Aurobindo are one of the up and coming acts that are sure to impress folks abound.

Imagine if the Doors and Amon Duul II were frozen in the 60's, and recently melted only to play in their mom's garage together. If that combo gets you all giddy, then Sri Aurobindo just might be for you.

Aural States is hosting a free MP3 of the first track off their upcoming album, have at it. They are first up on the club stage at 9 pm (via AS). Again, tix are just $10.

*Edit (1/30): Sri Aurobindo's extremely limited debut is now available. Soundgarden had copies yesterday but I'm unsure if any are left. There will only be 199 copies of this ridiculously fantastic album, so grabbing one tonight might be your only chance.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview: Brian Adam Ant

Brian Adam Ant is back in action in these here parts. His new group Deekee Zjevotneya sports members from other local projects, and unveils their new-found sound Saturday at the Talking Head.

The show is a CD release party for Northermost, with Caestles and Old Man Family Band also filling the bill. 5 bucks gets you a ticket and a CD.

Mr. Ant of Dirty Marmaduke Flude Squad, Evolve, and other varying fame, recently spoke with me about what to expect from the new project and their local debut:

Pronunciation? Dee-Kee Sha-vot-nia. It's Russian for "wild animals".

Band Members? Origins? Charlie Hughes, guitar/vox and also played in Nice Zombies and SciFi and the Sunflowers. Andy Thomas, who used to be the drummer for Wailsounds. And bass player, Jake the Snakemaster. Origin currently unknown.

A rock band that plays 3 1/2 minute songs that are catchy, not vapid.

Influences? We all share love for the Beatles, Pixies, & Kinks.

Choice of peaunut butter? Chunky! Chunky chunky chunky superchunky.

Recording? In process right now at our house off Falls Road.

Expect gigantic things to come from Deekee Zjevotneya, start by seeing them Saturday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aural States Fest

The Aural States Fest is this weekend. Friday night @ Sonar feautures some of Baltimore's finest: Arbouretem, Wye Oak, and Small Sur. The 2 staged event also boasts Caverns, Imperial China, Lo Moda, Hollywood, Pleasant Livers, Andy Abelow, and Cannot Be Stopped. Hot damn.

All for only 10 bucks, its a pretty ridiuclous and diverse bill all around. Get there early enough on Friday and you might get a free goodie bag with CDs, MP3s, and merch. The fun continues Saturday night at the Whole Gallery with CEX and Craig Sopo.

Click here for free MP3's of the bands.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Girls Video

Pikesville's biggest band ever, Animal Collective's closest gig to their hometown will be May 11th at the 930 club. Will MPP be played @ MPP this summer?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Progress Report: Kenny G

Recently discussing the all time best grocery store jams, good 'ol Kenny G naturally came to my mind. King of the bread aisle, you likely wonder what Kenny has been up to every time you're deciding between white or rye.

I decided to handle this corporate mega blog style and give you an update on Mr. G's whereabouts. I'd say Kenny's Guinness record breaking 45 minute long saxophone note was a high point back in 1997, but it seems mop top is still saxin' it up.

More recently, Kenny got nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2008 (but did not win), and guest starred on an ABC television show called Dirty Sexy Money. He is also a partial owner of Starbuck’s, and is allergic to shellfish (via wiki).

This perpetuated one of the most boring and disturbing youtube searches in the history of the internet. Not sure if this one originally debuted on The Grind, but the video for 1994’s Grammy award-winning “Forever in Love” sports half naked children in a field touching each other.

Kenny creepily shows face in an all black pitched screen, his standard video backdrop for soprano sax solos. The following may or may not be NSFW, but I do guarantee it will waste your time in a pretty uncomfortable way.

Sony BMG opted to disable the embedding option on this video, hmm.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Golden Filter, Future Islands, & Smart Growth

You can pretty much plan to spend the entirety of next weekend at the Sonar/Talking Head space with 3 shows worth your attention. More on the other two later, Thursday the 29th welcomes The Golden Filter.

The mysterious disco groove entity makes its way down from NYC to headline the Taxlo endorsed bill. Future Islands will be performing their brand of synth rock, another chance for those who have not yet picked up the Wave Like Home full length to get their act together and do so. Opening will be Smart Growth, completing the evening's solid lineup.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reptilian's Physical Presence is Extinct

Longtime local record slinger Reptilian Records is shutting down shop January 18th. With the new location never quite taking off, the record shop is forced focus efforts digitally.

In a recent press release, Chris X claims "Major changes, tectonic shifts, secret machinations, and evolution revolution are taking place!" The record label and book publisher will be still be in tact, while the online store is beefed up so the kids can download songs to those new-fangled iPod thingamajigs.

Hit the store up for a blowout sale January 18 that will be capped off by a show at the Ottobar that boasts Sick Weapons and Hollywood.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Post-rockin sextet Sawhorse are making more noise as of late in these here parts. The Bmore based group just released Cover it With Asphalt last month on Blackjaw Records.

The album is a monster in itself, beginning with some rootsy acappella action that transforms into guitar drones that seamlessly fade in and out throughout the entire journey. Not for the faint at heart, think Explosions in the Sky but heavier and paired with noisy but refined instrumentation not limited to violin and some upright bass.

Order a copy of Cover it With Asphalt from their myspace, or grab one at Soundgarden.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Dan Deacon

Here's the first taste off Dan Deacon's second full length, Bromst. "Get Older" is no huge departure from the heavy building electro freak-outs of Dan's prior work, but does offer doses of live instrumentation as promised. Bromst drops March 24th on Carpark, preceded by his split 12 inch with Adventure to be released January 27th. 

Stream "Get Older" below folks.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sore Eros

From a field in Connecticut, enter Sore Eros. The debut LP Second Chants spins turntables February 14th, delivering soulful dream folk to pondering minds abound.

Assuming Animal Collective's MPP is as ridiculous as anticpated, this might be the next best thing emerging out of 2009 so far. Via SHDWPLY RECORDS, the album conveys hazy hopefulness reverbed with gleeful experimentation from start to finish.

Second Chants is limited to 500 copies, check shdwply's site for pre-order info in the coming weeks. Sample some choice tracks from the record below.