Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jake Lingan - Labor of Love

It's raining doom here in Baltimore right now, and I can't think of a better time to introduce a piece of work from a local native and Chicago transplant, Jake Lingan.

"Birthers" is the opening track on Labor of Love, over eight minutes of ambient soundscapes and effortless drone. "Birthers" feels like the calm before the storm, eventually giving way to pitch black clouds and harsh objects falling from the heavens. These objects are forewarned by calls from unknown beasts, and then take the form of severe noise that crackles static similar to raindrops.

The album was recorded in a high rise apartment in the loop of Chicago from January 2010 to March 2010, facing the monolithic Willis Tower. Lingan explains that the "building inspired me to make the music. I love how dominating that building is, and at night how the two white radio towers are lit, giving it a somewhat satanic look."

There are many influences at play when jumping into these recordings, but the sounds of Jason Urick are certainly the first to come to mind. This release comes in the form of cassette tape, and is available for order via Friends Records right here. The digital album will be available next week as well.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Show: Dan Deacon, Get Em Mamis, Wolf Eyes,
DJ Dog Dick, Sewn Leather, and DJ Cullen Stalin

In the year's biggest what-the-fuck show booking so far, tomorrow night Rams Head Live will host Dan Deacon, Get Em Mamis, Wolf Eyes, DJ Dog Dick, Sewn Leather, and Cullen Stalin. This one is aimed at local collegiate study-folk, as a college ID will get you in for free. Others pay $10, and everyone gets a shot at a smorgasbord of electronic, noise, hip hop, club, and everything in between.

This will likely be the only chance you'll ever get to hear the melted and heavy noise of Wolf Eyes or the synthetic hip hop sludge of DJ Dog Dick at a venue in Power Plant. I've seen Max Eisenberg AKA Dog Dick perform a few times over the past couple years, and I stumbled upon his three track CDR a few months ago.

"Lap Dog" is the opening song off of Grease That I Got, and is by far the closest thing I've ever heard to a ballad from Eisenberg. Lofty synths and jaded beats give way to a warped R&B heartbreaker, all masked under Dog Dick's hazy vocals. This is followed by Eisenberg's signature abrasive and noisy beats in "New Swing Music", which then turns to the weirdo party anthem that is "Grease That I Got".

The show is tomorrow night, September 29, at Rams Head Live. Doors are at 8 PM.

Photos: Japanther, Dope Body, Blood Baby

Valerie went out and attended the mayhem that was the Japanther, Dope Body, Blood Baby show at the Penthouse last Thursday night. This was rumored to be Blood Baby's second to last show, and was fresh off Citypaper crowning Dope Body the best new band in Baltimore. Oh and hey, this here blog was voted the second best local blog in the 2010 Readers Poll, thanks folks!

More of Valerie's shots from last week's affair below and after the jump.

Dope Body

Blood Baby


Monday, September 27, 2010

Interview / Contest: Dustin Wong

Dustin Wong
Dustin Wong's Infinite Love is out on Thrill Jockey next week, and is up for pre order now. A select number of folks who order the album will have a "golden ticket" within the record's packaging that will grant access to a special one-on-one concert with Dustin via video chat to be called Infi-NET Love.

Dustin Wong and Thrill Jockey were kind enough to give us a golden ticket to give away. Send an email to with INFI-NET LOVE in the subject line telling us why you should get the ticket, and we'll pick a winner.

I recently had the pleasure of asking Dustin about the concept of his new solo album, psychedelic experiences, the LP's accompanying DVD, bands, and more...

BMI: Infinite Love is two tracks that both start and end in the same place, but each take their own course in getting there. Tell us about the ideas behind this concept?

DW: There is definitely an idea of fate and choice, but I'm also interested in the idea of conditioning.  Ideally I'm hoping that when one switches from a version to the other an effect similar to a malfunctioned escalator would occur.  If you've ever gone down or up a stopped escalator its so strange and its kind of a shock, the stairs looks like its actually moving and you end up stumbling.  It happens to almost everybody.  I want that shift in the listening ear.

With this new double LP the listener is meant to choose their own course, what advice would you give listeners when they make these choices?

My advice is not to alternate the 2 versions at first, I would get situated with one version.  Stay with it for a while and if you feel like you got a lot out of it switch to the 2nd version.  I think that shift will happen once you change.

The name of the album, Infinite Love, is a reference to a psychedelic experience of yours. Would you care to tell us about that experience?

I ate a good amount of mushrooms on my birthday last year.  It started fine and fun but after a while the trip started get really dark and heavy.  Me and my partner started to chant and sway around, Then I decided that I had to lye down.  I think I said something like, "I'm going to give birth".  So I was on my bed pushing like a pregnant mom would, flexing, then it was just peace, and I felt the love.  I kept on repeatedly saying, "infinite love, infinite love... ".  It felt like I could do anything, it was amazing.  I experimented with salvia for a month or two this year and that has been really insightful as well, very interesting stuff.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Soft Cat - "When My Brother Reaches Me"

For Neil Sanzgiri, Andy Abelow, Amy Marco, Sianna Plavin, Kate Barutha, Bob Keal, Brendan Sullivan, Adam Lempel, and Grey Haas, and all of us following - Wildspace may have been a long time coming. Since the record was unveiled at the beginning of the year, we've seen a couple videos and songs that showed promise of something special from Soft Cat. But, this week we now see the full release of this delicate folk pop album.

The sixth track on the full length,"When My Brother Reaches Me", is surely the most celebratory track of the bunch. This is the point in the album where time stops and allows you to focus on natural beauty and joy, which often goes unnoticed by the surrounding progression.

Soft Cat and Friends Records are offering the digital version of Wildspace on a pay-what-you-want scale, and the limited cassette version of the full length is also now available for pre order. You can also stream the record in full over at the Bandcamp page.

The band's next show is October 7 in Baltimore with Avocado Happy Hour and Bethany Dinsick. For those who pre order the release, the tape ships next month.

Clusterfuck: Pavement, High Zero,
Wavves, M.I.A., Christmas Island


<a href="">INEVERYROOM - Little Nums by Friends Records</a>

Tonight the Metro Gallery welcomes back Xiu Xiu, who were supposed to play Whartscape but canceled after Sunday's storm. They'll be joined by the guitar and synth tribal glee of INEVERYROOM. This show starts at 8 PM and is 12 dollars.

High Zero is now going strong, with more performances scheduled all weekend long. I caught wind of of one of the awesome HighJinx events a few night's ago in front of the Charles, and I'd suggest looking out for those all weekend in addition to the main events each night.

Pavement is coming to Columbia, Maryland to play at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Saturday as part of this year's Virgin Fest. They'll be joined by LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A. Yeasayer, Maximum Balloon and a lot more. This festival is dubbed "FreeFest", but those tickets are gone and you can now buy tickets here for $125 according to organizers.

Saturday night Taxlo takes over the Ottobar with Wavves, The Death Set, Christmas Island, and Popo. Afterwords they host M.I.A.'s DJ with "surprise special guests" upstairs. Conclude what you will, this one starts at 9:30 PM.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tonight: Japanther, Blood Baby, Dope Body

Tonight you can get classy at the Penthouse with a triple header that's sure to make your ears spin in that good way. The bill sports Japanther, Blood Baby, and Dope Body.

If all goes well at the Copycat tonight, we hopefully all won't be ending abruptly while singing along "1,2,3,4 fuck the cops" like in "Radical Businessman". Tonight is also rumored to be the second to last Blood Baby show, and if you've seen this rare breed of antics and adrenaline before, you'll know this ain't to be missed.

Dope Body are fresh off being named "Best New Band" by the Citypaper, and I'd advise coming to get rowdy with them to celebrate. I've been hearing some really exciting things about recordings in the works for these dudes, so expect rad new things.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fan Death Fall Mixtape

Baltimore-based Fan Death Records has continued to relinquish noisy and jaded sounds from the likes of artists mostly not from their home state. The most recent exception to this rule is an incredible seven inch from Baltimore mainstay Jason Urick.

Today the label put together a stellar Fall mixtape, highlighting some current sounds the label has to offer. Included in the mix is the A-side of Urick's recent 7 inch called "This Is Critical", a haunting wash of noise suitable for any variety of freak out.

The mix also boasts sounds from Puerto Rico Flowers, Screen Vinyl Image, Clockcleaner, Broken Water, Homostupids, and Lamps. Look for more great things to come from these dudes this coming fall. Take a listen to the mix which has taken over their site here.

Jason Urick at the Ottobar

Monday, September 20, 2010

High Zero 2010

All this week in Baltimore is High Zero, one of the country's premiere gatherings for improv and experimental sound. This is the event's 12th year of existence, with performances of all varieties happening all week here in town.

This year's High Zero brings in experimental musicians from all over the world including Hans Koch, Karen Borca, Wobbly, Tomoko Sauvage, Gary Smith, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Andew Neumann, Juanjose Rivas, Tuna Pase, and Keith Fullerton Whitman. These out of towners will join forces with some of Baltimore's finest experimental sound-smiths including Ami Dang (above), Drew Daniel, Dan Deacon, Owen Gardner, Marc Miller, Liz Meredith, M.C. Schmidt, Michael Muniak, Stewart Mostofsky, Ayako Kataoka, Shelly Blake-Plock, and Tiffany Defoe.

The main events will take place at the Theatre Project starting on Thursday, and sound installations will be presented at Gallery Four starting tomorrow. There will be a pre-festival concert called "Ghost Dancers" which takes place at the 2640 Space on September 22nd. There will also be "Hijinx" events, which are street performances that will take place all over the city. Keep updated on these impromptu events right here.

Get full details on the event here, and peep the main schedule after the jump.

Tuesday 9/21 at Gallery 4, H&H Building, 7:30
Opening of "Electric Petting Zoo," High Zero sound installations by Tristan Perich, Karl Ekdahl, and Julie Benoit
With an opening performance by:
- Tristan Perich, in duo with Tom Goldstein, on crotales, perform a hypnotic minimalist composition by Perich
- Ich Auch: First live performance of synth/drums improv duo with Karl Ekdahl.
- Salamander Wool Quartet. Carson Garhardt's music, in forst ever quartet format, with Dan Breen, Paul Neidhardt, and Walker Teret.
- Tristan Perich, 1 bit improvisation.
- Recommending donation for performance: $5

Wednesday 9/22 at 2640 Space; 8PM $5
Ghost Dancer's: An special atmospheric concert by Susan Alcorn (pedal steel guitar) and Claire Barratt (movement) at 2640 Space (2640 St. Paul St.).

Thursday 9/23, Opening Night at Theatre Project, 8;30, $12
Experimental performances with Shelly Blake-Plock, Ami Dang, Owen Gardner, Liz Meredith, Tuna Pase, Karen Borca, Tiffany Defoe, Shayna Dunkelman, Marc Miller, Michael Muniak, M.C. Schmidt, Dragos Tara, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Andrea Neumann, Juanjosè Rivas and Wobbly.

Friday 9/24 at Theatre Project, 8;30, $12
Experimental performance with Andrea Neumann, Tiffany Defoe, Hans Koch, Stewart Mostofsky, Karen Borca, Ami Dang, Ayako Kataoka, Tomoko Sauvage, Owen Gardner, Liz Meredith, Dr. Johannes Rosenberg, Drew Daniel, Dan Deacon, Tuna Pase, Juanjosè Rivas.

Saturday Matinee 9/25 at Theatre Project, 1PM, $12
Two special projects conceived and curated by Baltimore's Ayako Kataoka and Dan Deacon involving numerous High Zero performers.

Saturday Night 9/25 at Theatre Project, 8;30, $12
Experimental performance with Karen Borca, Hans Koch, Liz Meredith, Michael Muniak, Tuna Pase, Gary Smith, Shelly Blake-Plock, Dr. Johannes Rosenberg, Wobbly, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Marc Miller, Stewart Mostofsky, Tomoko Sauvage, Shayna Dunkelman, Juanjosè Rivas.

Sunday 9/26 at Theatre Project, 8;30, $12
Experimental performance with Keith Fullerton Whitman, Owen Gardner, Marc Miller, Gary Smith, Shelly Blake-Plock, Dan Deacon, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Ayako Kataoka, Hans Koch, Tomoko Sauvage, M.C. Schmidt, Drew Daniel, Shayna Dunkelman, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Wobbly.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tonight: Height, Microkingdom, Witch Hat @ Hexagon

Tonight the Hexagon is still in action, hosting what might be the last Height show at the venue. The fate of the space is still up in the air, but tonight is confirmed with Height with Friends, Nuclear Power Pants, Microkingdom, and Witch Hat all on the bill.

<a href="">Microkingdom - Aire Metal by Friends Records</a>

Height and Microkingdom both play tonight and tomorrow, with a show up in Philly tomorrow night at The Ox. Microkingdom's next scheduled local performance isn't until October 29th at the G Spot with Celebration, while the next time you'll be able to catch Height in town is at the Ottobar Novemeber 5th with Wye Oak.

Witch Hat's brute force and Nuclear Power Pant's oddball soul should round out a hell of a good time, a diverse cast worth getting there on time for. Doors are at 9 PM.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Microkingdom - Microkingdom's Threatened Youths

Microkingdom play two shows this weekend - tomorrow at the Hexagon with Witch Hat Height with Friends, and Nuclear Power Pants, and again on Saturday in Philadelphia at The Ox with Height, Sri Aurobindo, and Soft Cat for a Friends Records showcase.

It's no question that Microkingdom are Baltimore's premiere spazz-jazzers and noise benders, as Marc Miller's guitar wizardry combined with Dr. Will Redman's percussion have become a staple around town. These dudes are on the heels of releasing their first proper full length, and to celebrate Friends Records is releasing a live cassette.

<a href="">Microkingdom - Abundant Life Towers II by Friends Records</a>

Microkingdom's Threatened Youths is Ben Bass's recording of a live show that went down at the Penthouse Gallery on February 27, 2010. Microkingdom's lineup that evening consisted of Marc, Will, and John Dierker on reeds. Above is the first song played that night, "Abundant Life Towers II".

As Chris Day's artwork suggests, the entire set was inspired by Dischord-era DC hardcore riffs that Marc furiously and relentlessly played the whole set. The result was one of the most vicious Microkindom sets to date, and an ode to a neighboring scene of the past.

Order the tape right here, or grab it at one of their shows starting this weekend.

Microkingdom’s Threatened Youths
Friends Records 2010
1. Abundant Life Towers II
2. In the News there’s a lot of information
3. In the News there’s a lot of information in the information
4. Dave Musustaine
5. Astronaut Tusk
6. Squeal Fight
7. Stepping Stone

Barn Aid is now Monday @ Golden West (and is cheaper!)

Wye Oak
Major changes to Barn Aid were just announced, here are the new plans...

Springfield Farms is a lovely establishment up in Sparks, Maryland that supplies The Golden West and other Baltimore kitchens with local food. Unfortunately, the farm is currently undergoing a costly legal battle involving barn zoning.

Supporters of the culinary and musical variety have joined forced to put together Barn Aid, which will take place Monday, September 20th at The Golden West. Performing will be Wye Oak, Birdland (Sean and Katrina of Celebration), and DJ Jason Willett.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the farm, and tickets are on a sliding scale of 10-15 dollars. The event starts at 9 PM this Monday at the Golden West.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tonight: Moon Duo and Sri Aurobindo at Golden West

The streak of psychedelics continues tonight at the Golden West with a heavy bill of Moon Duo (members of Wooden Shjips), Rangda, Sri Aurobindo, and Sweaty Aura.

This is a stacked bill more than worth getting there on time for, and starts at 10 PM. It will run ya seven bucks, and is all ages. Peep Moon Duo's video for "Killing Time" below.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tonight: Pontiak / Mondo Drag @ Golden West

The Golden West is featuring all kinds of psychedelics this month. Tonight's bill is no different, with Pontiak coming back to town with Mondo Drag and The Main St. Gospel.

Pontiak have been on fire over the last couple years, releasing four full length LPs on Thrill Jockey starting back in 2008 with Sun On Sun. The most recent, Living, hits on all the same heavy frequencies as the rest, and is one of the darkest of the bunch. Just like the others it was recorded by the band themselves, but took a bit longer with a four month recording process.

Mondo Drag harvest a sound not often brought to the table in 2010. Spacey and groovy psychedelic rock and roll that will have you recalling Hendrix, Cream, and the likes. They released a new album recently called New Rituals, which came out on Alive Records.

Tonight's show starts at 10:30 and is just six bucks.

Pontiak - Laywayed from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Holy Ghost Party - Prog Parents
plus "CHEF SOLDIERS" premiere

The debut EP from Holy Ghost Party is now available - four tracks from the duo of David Jacober and Zachary Utz, who are also 2/3 of Dope Body. This batch of new tracks is called Prog Parents, and will also be a part of an LP the band is currently finishing up.

Above is the brand new "CHEF SOLDIERS", which you'll find on the forthcoming full length DADVIBES, but not the current EP called Prog Parents. It's much like the hardly-tamed weirdo pop I've featured from these dudes before, but marches in a sunnier direction. Interwoven bursts of prog and psych are crossed with layered percussion and infectious vocals. This is done in a fashion that makes pinpointing a genre rather precarious, as there is seemingly a plethora of influences at work.

Prog Parents hits similarly from start to finish, with the instantly-addictive "Toys" and "Tricky", to the supernatural and industrial jams of "Beachwhole". This tape is an awesome introduction to these Baltimore folks, and comes highly recommended. The cassette was just released on WTR CLR, and you can snag yours right here.

Duration _ 15:00


Tonight: Dustin Wong, Ami Dang, & more at The Soft House

Tonight the Soft House is in action, hosting a show that's sure to stimulate the ears and massage the brain. The lineup boasts Dustin Wong, Ami Dang, Greg Davis and Ben Vida, Michael Forbes, Andrew Scott Young and Weasel Walter.

This show's got a rather melodic range of sounds including ambient sitar, cosmic synths, free jazz, and guitar loop wizardry. Amanda from the Soft House also writes that there will be unique vegetarian sushi combinations available. The "spicy garden bagel roll" and "guacamole international" both sound well worth coming out for.

The show starts at 9:30 PM... "exactly!"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lexx - "Palm Shades" video, plus "Bamboo Shoot"

Baltimore's Semya also has a project under the moniker Lexx, an outlet to relinquish beats of the crunked-out Ninja Turtles pizza-shooter variety. Lexx just tossed out another batch of jams, including one of his new favorites, "Bamboo Shoot".

This one's a slow-burner that lights up easy, with rhythms and zones that that hit you just as slick. The rest of the new ones feature all kinds of sounds - wonky rolling beats that are tweaked and twirled like the final obstacle course from Double Dare. They all pretty much make you want to get drunk and play Nintendo on the dance floor.

Lexx also just passed along a dreamy new video for "Palm Shades".

Both of these tracks can be found on BEATS VOL. 1, which can be downloaded right here from Lexx for free. Lexx also made about 12 cassettes, and would be happy to mail one along with a booklet of original artwork for six dollars if you email him here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Show: Celebration, Sri Aurobindo,
Microkingdom, & Dustin Wong - 10/29 at The G Spot

Halloween @ G Spot 10/29/10
Flyer by Chris Day. Really big, screen-printed copies at show for $5 each.


We are proud to present a Halloween show on Friday, October 29 that will feature Celebration, Sri Aurobindo, Microkingdom, and Dustin Wong. The event will take place at The G Spot, an ideal Baltimore space for channeling your inner-spook.

<a href="">Celebration - What's This Magical by Friends Records</a>

This will be Celebration's first non-festival Baltimore show since February, and the first since announcing plans to release Hello Paradise later this Winter on Friends Records. Expect to hear some new sounds from the band preceding this show.

<a href="">Microkingdom - Aire Metal by Friends Records</a>

Sri Aurobindo will blast yours ears backward, Microkingdom will boggle your mind sideways, and Dustin Wong will drop your jaws from the get-go. Microkingdom are tentatively scheduled to debut as a six-piece for this event, and will also be on the heals of releasing Three Compositions of No Jazz. Also, Dustin Wong will have just relinquished his highly anticipated new LP, Infinite Love.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lonnie Walker - "Love Turn"

art by Natasha Tylea

Last week we shared the details on the Future Islands half of their split with Lonnie Walker, today we've got the B-side ready for your ears. Check out "Love Turn".

"Love Turn" is a whiskey-soaked ballad full of the free-range Americana the group has made a name for. While residing down in North Carolina, Lonnie Walker have played a heap of shows up here in Baltimore over the last few years. Much like their longtime Raleigh friends on the other side of this disc, their live performances make you bob up and down while your emotions are pulled in every which direction (but mostly just down). These dudes craft southern gems that are laced with infectiously jaded melodies, and tangled with nostalgically blunt lyrics.

Look for "Love Turn" and "The Ink Well" to pop up on the radio this Fall, and the peach-colored vinyl seven inch is available now for pre-order right here from Friends Records. The two bands will also tour together in November, details coming soon.

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;Lonnie Walker - Love Turn by Friends Records&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

Twig Harper & Daniel Higgs - "Number Two"

A couple weeks ago I pointed out footage of an interview with Twig Harper, regarding his new LP with Daniel Higgs that's due out this month. I've spent the past few weeks with Clairaudience Fellowship mind-fucking my ears from time to time - seven collaborative songs from two Baltimore revolutionaries.

I will not pretend that I fully understand this LP just yet, or ever properly will, as it's just about as twisted as you'd possibly imagine. It's seven tracks of Daniel Higgs' epic spoken-word hymns (much like the poems of his Say God LP), but this go around these thoughts from Higgs are cosmically haunted by the noise of Twig Harper at the helm.

"Number Two" is the second track on the LP, and comes at a point in the album where minds are still vaguely in check, and ears are only teased by hints at what's to come. However, the universe has begun to stir, until there is only one way to go. That direction is inward, which doesn't stop throughout the latter half of this journey.

Twig Harper describes the vibes found on Clairaudience Fellowship as...

"...a setting of experience by creating a bridge inside the ear striving to see linguessence / utterance immediately prior to verbal distinction placed firmly inside a double helix weave ultra verbal mirror."

Thrill Jockey
will release Clairaudience Fellowship on September 21. The vinyl is limited to 1000 copies. Harper and Higgs also will be touring together, details forthcoming.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Photos: Future Islands, Microkingdom,
Dope Body, and Weekends @ The Cherch

Future Islands at The Cherch
I attended a couple of really great shows this weekend, one of which was in DC at The Cherch. Future Islands, Weekends, Microkingdom, and Dope Body all played the large living room space on Saturday night. Our new friend Jimmy Morris from Head|Underwater came out and took some rad photos of the show, and let us share.

Weekends at The Cherch
Weekends got the BBQ-stuffed crowd ready, as these dudes were amidst another busy week where they played four separate shows in NYC, Baltimore, and DC.

Dope Body at The Cherch
Dope Body brought the goods down to DC, hurling a force of neo-sludge with the usual intensity. Zach shredded heavy, Dave wailed, and Andrew spat bricks of mortar.

microkingdom at the Cherch
Microkingdom is an entity not often brought down to the depths of our beltway neighbors. Saturday they played as the core two-piece of Marc Miller and Dr. Will Redman. They showcased a stellar rendition of "Aire Metal", and played an homage to the hometown of Dischord... all on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Future Islands at The Cherch
Future Islands held the room captive at yet another performance. They played two new songs straight from the start, including "The Ink Well". The rest of the set was heavy in In Evening Air, and Sam felt strong enough vibes to bellow vocals while crowd surfing.

More shots from Jimmy Morris after the jump.

Weekends at The Cherch

Dope Body at The Cherch

Future Islands at The Cherch

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shows: Benefit for DJ Rice @ Floristree, and also
Future Islands, Microkingdom, Dope Body @ The Cherch

Teenage Souls
On August 21, DJ Rice was attacked and beaten while walking home at night in Baltimore. He spent eight days in ICU, and is still at Johns Hopkins. Some friends of his are having a benefit this Sunday at Floristree in order to raise money for DJ's medical expenses. Performing will be Future Islands, Weekends, Holy Ghost Party, Butt Stomach (Dan Deacon and Kevin O'Meara), and INEVERYROOM.

DJ is nothing short of an all around amazing dude, and on top of that has an incredibly rad music project called Teenage Souls. Above is "Ice Floe", a new track that will be on his forthcoming WTRCLR cassette. Our heart goes out to DJ and his family.

Also this weekend - on Saturday, September 4th head down to DC with a bunch of other Baltimore friends. The Cherch is hosting a show with all Bmore bands. Future Islands, Microkingdom, Dope Body, and Weekends will all be performing. Music starts at 7 PM, BBQ get's going at 5 PM. Also, BYOB. Above is the mix I made of all the bands playing this for our friend Jimmy at Head|Underwater.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Video Premiere: Dustin Wong - Infinite Love

Monday I posted about the forthcoming LP Dustin Wong is releasing called Infinite Love, and today Thrill Jockey passed along a video preview for the album.

Both the LP and CD version of Infinite Love will come with a DVD that allows you to "choose which musical path you'd like to have accompany the film, with the hope that the two different musical versions will change the experience of the movie."

Infinite Love is available October 19 from Thrill Jockey.

Hampdenfest 2010: Double Dagger, Arbouretum,
Sick Weapons, Witch Hat, Mickey Free, and more

This year's Hampdenfest goes down next Saturday, September 11. The festivities take place from 10 AM to 7 PM on the avenue, with three stages for music.

Expect sets from Double Dagger, Arbouretum, Sick Weapons, Mickey Free, Witch Hat, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Surroundings, Rapdragons, and plenty more. The event is totally free, and this year also includes a "Toilet Race" and the "Charm City Beard & Mustache Championship". Better start grooming those 'staches now.

Get the full schedule for Hampdenfest 2010 after the jump.

ATOMIC BOOKS STAGE (36th & Falls Rd)
11AM - The Stents
12PM - Yeveto
1PM - Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
2PM - The Snowmen
3PM - Witch Hat
4PM - Red Weasel
5PM - Sick Weapons
6PM- Double Dagger

MONSTER STAGE (36th & Chestnut Ave)
11AM - The Matrimonials
11:50 - The Slow Jerks
12:40 - The Convocation
1:30 - Dead Mechanical
2:30 - Deep Sleep
3:10 - Surroundings
4:00 - The Pilgrim
4:50 - Desert Boys
5:50 - Arbouretum
6:30 - Mickey FreePARTY STAGE (36th & Elm Ave.)
11AM - ex-Replicas
11:30 - Sister Ex
12PM -The Remingtones
12:30 - June Star
1PM - Sal Bando
1:30 - Bad Liquor Pond
2PM - Garage Sale
2:30 - The Mill Billies
3PM - The Go-Pills
3:30 - The Jennifers
4PM - 5PM - The Charm City Beard & Mustache Championships
5:15 - Rapdragons
6PM - Landspeedrecord
6:30PM - Slow Jets

DJ TENT (36th & Roland Ave.)
11 - Ryan Nation & Patrick Brander
1 - Dan Wylie
2 - King Gilbert
3 - Djeneral Mayhem
4 - Craig Sopo
5 - DJ Exclaime & DJ Fleg