Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Future Islands - "The Ink Well"
plus show with Microkingdom and Weekends

art by Elena Johnston

Just announced - Future Islands will play The Cherch in DC this Saturday, September 4th with Microkingdom, Dope Body, and Weekends. BBQ at 5 PM, music starts at 7.

Last week we had the privilege of announcing Celebration's forthcoming LP, and this week we've got another release from one of my favorite bands in Baltimore. This November, Friends Records is releasing a split seven inch from Future Islands, backed with their hometown friends Lonnie Walker.

The Future Islands single is a brand new song written this year after their Thrill Jockey LP, and recorded/produced this summer by Chester Endersby Gwazda. Rob Girardi mastered the brand new song, which is called "The Ink Well". The new single will premiere tomorrow on North Carolina's WKNC, and remain a radio-only single until closer to the release date.

This is a release that is bonded by friendship, as core members of both bands have been lifelong friends. It is also the release that sparked Friends Records, as it originally came into works last Fall after a fun night at the Future Islands residence in Mt. Vernon.

The seven inch will be released on peach-colored vinyl, and pressed by the legendary Erika Records. The artwork for the Future Islands side is by the always amazing Elena Johnston. Check back soon for the Lonnie Walker track, and look for a Future Islands/Lonnie Walker November tour announcement to come in the next few weeks.

Pre order the limited seven inch vinyl right here.

Future Islands / Lonnie Walker Split
"The Ink Well" / "Love Turn"
Out November 2, 2010 on Friends Records
Limited Release on Peach-colored Vinyl

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dustin Wong - "Talking Walking Cloud"

Ever since I first put Seasons on to my turntable last year, and also since I first saw Dustin Wong perform live at last year's Soft Fest, it's been pretty apparent that something special has been brewing. While we recently got sad news from Dustin that his band Ponytail would be going their separate ways, Dustin's inspirational sounds will continue with a brand new record coming out on Thrill Jockey this Fall.

"Talking Walking Cloud" is an outtake from the forthcoming LP, but it sure as hell doesn't sound like one. It sports the looping fluorescent melodies that we've come to know and love from Dustin, yet it also shows a glimpse at where his sound is heading. The tones are more rich, the layers are fuller, and it's becoming more and more obvious that this is one of the originators of Ecstatic Sunshine.

Infinite Love is the name of the new LP, which comes out October 19 on Thrill Jockey. The concept behind this album is incredibly intriguing, and you can read more about it right here. Mobtown Studios recently hosted a Microshow that featured Dustin Wong, and you can download that entire set over at their site.

Dustin Wong

Friday, August 27, 2010

Clusterf*ck: Shows in Baltimore this Weekend

I haven't posted a clusterfuck column for a long time, but this weekend's abundance of scheduled shows is plenty enough reason to bring it on back into rotation.

Tonight Floristree is hosting an event that features a piece put together by Limb drummer Joshua Cordova and his friend. Cordova recently moved up here from Texas, and organized a bunch of amazing Baltimore musicians to help him execute the vision. The bill of artists involved speaks for itself and includes Jack Topht, Jared Paolini, Dave Jacober, Zach Utz, Jonathan Valdez, Kate Silver, Chris Day, Shaun Flynn, and Neel Pert.

The Good Son is hosting a killer one tonight, with Rapdragons, Moss of Aura, Flesh Epic, Romantic States, and Archer Twins rounding out a heavy bill. This show features all three members of Future Islands, each in a different side project.

Flesh Epic is Sam Herring and his brother Joel's hip hop outfit, and Joel just got back from a tour in which he was part of the Height with Friends lineup. Moss of Aura is Gerrit, whose epic synth-scapes we've raved about plenty before, and Archer Twins is William's new project. Throw in Rapdragons and Romantic States, and you've got yourself a nice little Friday evening.

Saturday night the Hexagon's got a bunch of promising bands from the Underwater Peoples record label. Expect some catchy and mostly jaded pop from Andrew Cedermark, Tennis, Airwaves, and Family Portrait. This one gets going at 10:30.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebration - Electric Tarot: Hello Paradise

drawing by Katrina Ford

Baltimore's Celebration began relinquishing tracks from their Electric Tarot project last year, a virtual card deck in which each song represents a different tarot card. The first batch of songs are now complete, and will be band's first physical release since 2007.

The new LP will be out this Winter on Friends Records. Hello Paradise will feature the four tracks already shared, and five new ones that will be debuted in the coming months leading up the vinyl release. All songs will be given away for free digitally.

Other physical releases from the band are also in the works via Friends Records, and shows are brewing locally and elsewhere. The band will also be sharing videos and other new sounds in the coming months, all part of their ambitious Electric Tarot series.

The first available tracks include "I Will Not Fall", "What's This Magical", "Shelter", and "Open Your Heart", and are now available for free in any digital format you desire. All four of these songs were engineered and recorded by Rob Girardi at Lord Baltimore and produced by Celebration.

Listen/download those after the jump, and expect plenty more to come...

<a href="http://friendsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/celebration-hello-paradise">What's This Magical by Friends Records</a>

Twig Harper & Daniel Higgs - Clairaudience Fellowship

Thrill Jockey just announced a new LP they will be releasing, a collaboration from Baltimore's resident noise-fiend Twig Harper and the legendary Daniel Higgs.

An album of this nature is pretty mind-blowing to even think about, so the label went ahead and filmed some juicy details straight from the source. The video is of Twig Harper over at Tarantula Hill, and was filmed by Jake Lingan.

Clairaudience Fellowship is out September 21st on Thrill Jockey.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friends Records Philly Showcase

Bmore's Friends Records presents its first out of town showcase. We're taking over a space called The Ox in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 18. Microkingdom, Height with Friends, Sri Aurobindo, Soft Cat, and more will be performing.

Flyer is by the always rad Chris Day and Neal Reinalda, both of Losts Ghosts and Open Space acclaim. Some of these bands will also be playing a show here in Baltimore the Friday night prior, details forthcoming...

Rock The Bells @ Merriweather

For the past several years Merriweather has hosted the biggest hip hop festival/tour out there, Rock The Bells. 2010's monster of a bill rolls through these parts on Sunday.

This year Columbia, Maryland will play host to A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, KRS One, Rakim, Lauryn Hill, Slick Rick and much more. Staples of our youth - chances are that one of the albums that pissed off your mother years ago will be played in it's entirety on Sunday. Enter The 36 Chambers, Doggystyle, Midnight Marauders, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, Paid in Full, and Criminal Minded will all be performed in full by their respective artists.

I'm pretty sure you at least know someone or others sister who once got caught smoking a blunt while listening to Doggystyle in her bedroom back in high school. Regardless, spend your Sunday afternoon at Merriweather getting schooled on hip hop classics.

Beach House - "White Moon"

Beach House
We're all more than likely always going to be suckers for a new Beach House song. This one comes compliments from an iTunes Session EP just released.

No word on whether or not Bill Gates is on production, but the session includes re-worked versions of more familiar songs like "Gila" and "Norway" performed live by the outfit as a three-piece. However, "White Moon" is a brand new song, and sports a transition that willl have folks swooning the world over.

Get the tracklist for the new digital EP after the jump.

Beach House
iTunes Session 2010

1. Walk in the Park
2. White Moon
3. Norway
4. Silver Soul
5. Gila
6. Real Love

Video: Soft Cat - "It Won't Be Long"

In what might be the most beautiful music video we've witnessed thus far this year, yesterday the first proper video from Soft Cat's upcoming Wildspace was unveiled.

Our friends at Yours Truly premiered the new short, which is for the third track on the album, "It Won't Be Long". The video comes compliments of the amazingly talented Miranda Pfeiffer, whose water color visions tell the tale with gorgeously eloquent animation. Yours Truly also debuted the following track...

Mark at YVYNYL looked into the logistics of Japanese ink painting, and got some pretty cool details on the style of art from one of his friends...

“Japanese ink painting is called sumi-e (墨絵). The video is beautiful, it even moves like a scroll painting e-maki (絵巻) would move telling the narrative. The only difference is that e-maki paintings (hand scrolls) are read right to left… not left to right - which is the way the video’s narrative develops.”

Wildspace is out on Friends Records this Fall, with a release party here in Baltimore currently in the works. Peep Neil's letter to Yours Truly after the jump.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Secret Mountains - "Rest Easy" / Rejoice

Baltimore's Secret Mountains have a new EP. Last year's Kaddish showed us what they had to offer, but Rejoice cements what this incredibly lush folk pop band is capable of.

While this release is deeply rooted in the luminescent and ever-growing folk outfits here in town, it's the pop sensibilities that stick out - carefully scattered about the songs like the bright Autumn leaves you'll step on next month. Rejoice is a three track EP the band currently has with them on tour, and a proper home for the release is in the works.

"Rest Easy" is the last track of the three, and just like the others it clocks in at well over five minutes. It starts out delicate, which feels ideal after the heavy salt of the "Dead Sea" is used to "wash away the things we've done" in the track prior. But in the end you wake up and are at ease, and "Rest Easy" allows you to do just that. The song eventually bursts like balloons filled with joy and reflection - at a party singing along and dancing with all of your friends.

In this case their friends were actually singing, as Caleb from Lands & Peoples and Sianna Plavin add their magnificent vocals to parts of "Rest Easy". This EP paints atmospheres that inspire every emotion imaginable, with waves of color and splashes of darkness. Whether the melodies are eerie or brighter than the clouds, they are carefully laced throughout the entire album.

Secret Mountains stop through their hometown on a tour tonight, and play the Hexagon with our friends INEVERYROOM. Openers Hop Along and Green Paper front tonight's bill.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photos/Sounds: Oxes at the Windup Space

oxes @ the windup space
Baltimore's legendary Oxes played the Windup Space last weekend, a pretty rare appearance from the trio. We already showed you Guy Werner's video of a new song, and now give you photos from Valerie and Guy's audio of the entire set.

Full Set Link: Oxes (live @ Windup Space 8/14/10)
sound by Andy Cook and Guy Werner

Valerie's shots from the late night show are after the jump.

bobby @ the windup space

bobby @ the windup space

oxes @ the windup space

oxes @ the windup space

oxes @ the windup space

oxes @ the windup space

oxes @ the windup space
Photos by Valerie

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tonight: Rapdragons, Adventure, White Life

Tonight you can choose rap at the Ottobar or the weird move-your-body vibes that will be radiating at the Soft House. Mark Brown posted to Beatbots in regards to the latter...

White Life!
Featuring Jon Ehrens, Grayson James Brown, & Dave Fell.
Benny's got a brand new bag.
Full On Void!
Rjyan Kidwell / Shaun Flynn infinite collaboration at the precipice of infinity.
DJ Mark Brown!
Soft Techno / Minimal 2-Step / Future Garage / Afghan Riddims

Adventure's new stuff has sounded rad live, and I for one hope to hear some of Benny's current recordings soon. White Life put on a solid Whartscape performance, and Jon Ehrens other band The Art Department has a brand new record in full rotation here. This one goes down at The Soft House at 10 PM and is five bucks.

The Ottobar's got a fun hip hop show that brings Ninjasonik and pairs them with the Rapdragons. If you haven't yet taken advantage of the free download for Rapdragons' Featuring Baltimore mixtape, get on that now. It's samples all of your favorite Baltimore bands, and it does it damn well.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sri Aurobindo - Live at WTMD

Sri Aurobindo's new LP Cave Painting has been blasting the world with a psych rock force fit for scuzz-craved ears and low end fiends abound. The Baltimore band was recently invited into the studios at WTMD, and the results are below.

<a href="http://friendsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sri-aurobindo-live-wtmd">Sri Aurobindo live @ WTMD by Friends Records</a>

The recording above is for a show on WTMD called Baltimore Unsigned, which is hosted by the Baltimore Sun writer Sam Sessa. Much thanks to Sam and the producers at WTMD for letting us offer up the session for free download above.

The set features four songs, three off of Cave Painting, but also "Nobody's Child" off of their first album. It also gains a look inside the improvisational minds of the band members. Sri Aurobindo's next Baltimore show is September 15 at the Golden West with Moon Duo. The band will also be a part of a Friends Records showcase in Philadelphia on September 18 at the Ox with Microkingdom, Height with Friends, Soft Cat, and more.

Sri Aurobindo at Sonar

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winks - "CORBS"

The first Winks release featured recordings from old tapes in a shoddy karaoke player. Chase and Adam recorded their second album this summer, which was produced by their friend Ben who has a new studio set up in the Annex. Ben records everything straight to tape and is also responsible for two tracks on the forthcoming Strange Cultures LP, and a killer upcoming Microkingdom cassette.

"CORBS" will be the first track on the new Winks album. It sounds like Chase wrote it after watching Cruising while skipping his post-apocalyptic high school prom in 1983. This my friends, is a good thing, and is really only a taste of what's to come.

The full release will be called She's Done, and will feature recent live set staples like "Animal" and "She Cums in Colors". It's going to be released this Fall by Friends Records. More new sounds from Winks are in the wing, and don't forget to check out Chase's other band, INEVERYROOM, tonight at Sonar.


Holy Ghost Party - "Tricky"

Holy Ghost Party open up the show at the Golden West tonight with Fergus and Geronimo, A Giant Dog, and Junkers. Show starts at 10 and will run ya five bucks.

I shared the new Holy Ghost Party track "Shit House Luck" a little while back, and now present ya'll with another gem off of their forthcoming EP. Take a gander at "Tricky".

The intro reminds you where these guys are from (both dudes also play in Dope Body), with some industrial beats that eventually break way to the catchy and elaborate pop song that's found not too far below the surface. This is one of the bigger sounds found within their upcoming release, using noises lesser known to somehow create things that are comfortable and familiar.

The new EP from the duo via WTR CLR couldn't come soon enough.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomorrow: INEVERYROOM, Miniature Tigers, & more

Tomorrow night catch the tribal pop glee that is INEVERYROOM play down at Sonar, where they'll be joined by Miniature Tigers and The Spinto Band.

INEVERYROOM are fresh off the release of their debut cassette at Whartscape, archived and documented by our very own Friends Records. Grab the digital pay-what-you-want version here, and the real live cassette right here. The tape will also be popping up at some shops like Sound Garden and True Vine around town soon.

Future Islands - Undressed
+ "Walking Through That Door"

In the past few weeks I've ranted and raved about Future Islands' first ever acoustic set. The band had told me about a recording they participated in at Mobtown Studios while practicing for that set, and yesterday the kind folks at Thrill Jockey dropped me a line to confirm this new release.

A brand new Future Islands EP called Undressed will be released by Thrill Jockey on September 21. This 12 inch will be the result of their acoustic recording at Mobtown, where they were joined by Denny Bowen (Double Dagger) on drums, Kate Barutha on cello, and Devlin Rice (Nuclear Power Pants) on guitar.

The recording is also intended for a broadcast the band did for WYPR's The Signal, which has yet to air on the station. There will not be any tracks from the EP released prior, but expect a similar stripped-down vibe as the Metro Gallery performance.

However in other Future Islands news, "Walking Through That Door" (the first track on this year's LP) was just made available by Thrill Jockey. The details on the Future Islands' seven inch with Friends Records will be shared early in September, around the same time the trio embark on a massive European tour.

Get the track listing for Undressed after the jump.

Future Islands
Thrill Jockey 2010

01. In the Fall
02. An Apology
03. Long Flight
04. Little Dreamer

Monday, August 16, 2010

new Oxes - "Crunchy Zest"

There is a band from Baltimore called Oxes. They used to play a lot, and now they don't. This has changed very temporarily, as Nat Fowler's been back in town for the past month or so. They played Whartscape, and more recently played their first non-Whartscape related gig in the past several years.

A late night set went down at the Windup Space Saturday night, and was definitely a much welcomed affair. Blasting a packed house for nearly an hour, it was pretty incredible to witness Marc Miller, Christopher Freeland, and Nat Fowler back in action.

Not only did they play a rare show, but they also displayed some brand new material. Above you'll find Guy Werner's video for "Crunchy Zest", glorious proof that the dude's still have it in 'em. This rad new track wasn't even the highlight, as the entire set was easily one of the best I've experienced all year.

Check back this week for photos, and peep some psyche-blown footage below.

Tomorrow: Warpaint, Javelin, Beach Fossils

Tomorrow night the Ottobar's got a doozy with Warpaint, Javelin, Beach Fossils, and Polygons rounding out a stellar bill. All kinds of sounds to make you move and sway.

Warpaint played the Ottobar before, with our friends Lands & Peoples, and they rocked a beautiful set. These ladies are one EP deep, a release that comes highly recommended and includes the track above called "Elephant". Dreamy psych pop at its best.

We've been lucky in town to have the chance to get pretty familiar with Javelin's live set, as they've rocked a handful of shows in Baltimore over the past few years. They were a highlight at Whartscape this year, and should make for a solid reason to come out tomorrow night. Look for some live Javelin sounds from us soon too.

Beach Fossils are one of the handful of rad bands that Captured Tracks has released this year. The debut LP is full of some of the catchiest lo fi pop music around, perfect for lightening up those nasty late summer heat waves, and an act that is more than certainly worth showing up early for.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Video: Future Islands - "In The Fall (acoustic)"

Guy Werner strikes again, this time with live video footage of the first ever Future Islands acoustic set. The show took place a month ago at the Metro Gallery, and was part of the opening of Wild Nothing which was curated by Elena Johnston and Natasha Tylea.

In addition to some insight from some of those very closely involved, the video features footage of the first two songs of their set that night. "In Evening Air" lead directly into "In The Fall", opening one of the most beautiful shows I've witnessed in town this year.

Future Islands Accoustic

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tonight: Double Dagger, Sick Weapons, Lazer Crystal

poster by Nolen Strals

Life has gotten in the way of music this week, so I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. Super mega rad show tonight at the Hexagon with Double Dagger, Sick Weapons, Lazer Crystal, Chicken and Whiskey, and Muhamad Ali.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I present you with a brand new EP from a relatively new project out of Baltimore. While Raindeer has been in the works for several years, it's only until now the artist is given a proper a name, which is now matched with a it's first release.

Raindeer's first EP is several years in the making, which is easy to tell based on the impeccable production found throughout the six tracks. Hear for yourself...

<a href="http://raindeer.bandcamp.com/track/this-is-my-last-transmission">This is My Last Transmission by Raindeer</a>

"This Is My Last Transmision" is the last track on the EP, and is also one of the more beautiful and lush songs created by Raindeer. The release's repertoire runs incredibly deep, with traces of prog, psych, pop, dance, and so much more. It's clear Raindeer's influences have a pretty wide range, yet the release feels as complete and cohesive as can possibly be.

Going from the 80s prom styles of opening track "From The Lagoon" to the dark and dreamy vibes of "Social Networking" makes sense, especially when considering the chorus of the latter - "Dance, I don't dance". While this may get dubbed a bedroom project, the production and sensibility are far from any bedroom project I've ever heard. This is an independent treasure that wouldn't be out of place on a big budget Hollywood film or the next dumb iPod commercial.

Charlie Hughes, the man behind Raindeer, is currently putting together a band so he can take the project to the stage. But for now, get the new EP for free from his site.



1. From the Lagoon 04:04
2. Social Networking 03:50
3. Juanita 03:23
4. Dark Place 03:53
5. Green Light 04:01
6. This is My Last Transmission 04:42

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Video: Height with Friends - "Bed of Seeds"

With much thanks to Team G Productions, the new Height with Friends video is now available for your viewing pleasure. The video is for the title track off their new LP dubbed Bed of Seeds out now via Friends Records.

The video features Height out in the California suburbs with a reptile and some appliances. The stellar production is the works of Team G, who also cooked up Height's "Mike Stone" video last year which was entered in the SXSW Film Festival.

Peep the video for "Dreams Don't Always Come True" after the jump.

Show: Lands & Peoples / Winks @ Golden West

Lands & Peoples and Winks @ Golden West
This Friday night the Golden West has a great one, with Lands & Peoples, Winks, Glass Pope, and Allyson Little all performing. Lands & Peoples are getting ready to head back into the studio with Chris Freeland to finish up their debut full length, an album that folks around town are patiently awaiting.

With a stellar debut EP and a couple contributions to some cassette releases, like the track above from their split with INEVERYROOM, the band is more than certainly on the verge of spreading their hazy pop clouds the world over.

Winks has also began spreading his vibes all over, with recent write-ups overseas from fine publications like No Pain In Pop and Delicious Scopitone. Folks have surely been taking notice of his debut cassette (just released on Friends Records), and in addition Winks just finished recording his second album. Look for new tunes in the near future from Winks, and get a taste of what's to come Friday night at the Golden West.

<a href="http://friendsrecords.bandcamp.com/track/lands-peoples-in-living-colour">Lands & Peoples - In Living Colour by Friends Records</a>

Monday, August 9, 2010

Live MP3s: Lower Dens at Metro Gallery

Lower Dens just started a two month tour, and just released their debut LP dubbed Twin Hand Movement. The record is easily one of the best albums to come out of our fair city this year, and Jana Hunter's crew have played a slew of killer sets this year as well.

The most recent was the first show of their current tour with Inoculist, played here in Baltimore at the Metro Gallery on August 1st. Lands & Peoples also opened, and Lower Dens headlined with an hour long set full of familiar songs and some new material. Guy Werner recently passed along the recording of the whole set, including this track.

You won't find "Batman" on Twin Hand Movement, a song that I instantly fell in love with as they played it to close out their set at Whartscape. This new(ish) jam is a fine representation of the vibe-induced melodies, floating vocals, and infectious rhythms that make up the new LP. Jana Hunter let me know yesterday that while "Batman" isn't really a new song, it will be first released as an upcoming single via Gnomonsong. Rad.

Full Set MP3 Link: Lower Dens - Live @ Metro Gallery (recorded by Guy Werner)

Download the whole set at the link above, including the last song which was a cover of the Cass McCombs track "What Isn't Nature". View the whole set list after the jump.

Lower Dens
Metro Gallery, Baltimore

Deer Knives
Tea Lights
Blue and Silver
Dog's Dick
Hospice Gates
2 Cocks
Plastic and Powder
What Isn't Nature (Cass McCombs cover)

Review: Arcade Fire at Merriweather

Photo by Greg Szeto

Friday night I retreated to the suburbs in Columbia, Maryland (where I grew up) for a big rock show at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Montreal's Arcade Fire came to town, fresh off the release of their new LP, aptly titled The Suburbs.

I sensed a theme, and proceeded to watch Win Butler and his band of professional rock stars serenade the suburbanites. I've spent a little bit of time with their new album, which has yet to win over my ears fully. It has it's moments, but maybe it's because I no longer reside in a community that has cul-de-sacs, streets named after poetry, village centers, and a "People Tree"?

Probably not, but the band won me back with their live set regardless of how I feel about the new full length. They churned out all of our favorite songs from Funeral and Neon Bible, but sprinkled in highlights like "Rococo" from The Suburbs. When a drum machine malfunction abruptly ended one of the new tracks, "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" was played instead and I'm pretty sure no one complained. "Wake Up" was the encore, and warm vibes were felt the world over (or at least from River Hill to Long Reach).

This is a band with a sound that is fit for an amphitheater, as cries rang out from a talented cast of musicians armed with violins, drums, and megaphones that reflected beautifully against the trees of the surrounding Symphony Woods. A big sound, with seemingly big ideas... gobbled by the masses.

After the show, I left the suburban lands and headed back towards the city to which I inhabit. I went straight from Merriweather to the intimate depths of the Annex for a different kind of rock show. Weekends were headlining, and I was in time to see them and an awesome band from Austin called Zorch. Zorch killed it, and a chunk of Brendan and Adam's friends got rowdy on the stage throughout a pretty hearty Weekends set that was chock full of new material.

Friday night I experienced two things - an influential band with a new album called The Suburbs, and an urban-dwelling guitar/drum duo that is releasing an LP called Strange Cultures. I watched thousands of people descend upon a grand amphitheater to experience a musical occurrence, and then contrasted it with a handful of friends and sweaty peers dancing around in an old warehouse because the sounds make them really feel something.

Both were kind of beautiful in their own right.

Photo by Greg Szeto

Friday, August 6, 2010

Live MP3s: Ponytail at Whartscape 2010

Baltimore's favorite spazz-core rock band played Whartscape this year on Saturday outside the Current Gallery, all while rumors swirled regarding the band's status. Word on the street was that this might be the last Ponytail set for the foreseeable future, and as it turns out those rumors had some truth behind them.

All this aside, Ponytail played a very solid set that was full of new material and some old favorites. The set was closed out with "Die Allman Bruders", and you'll find Guy Werner's recording of the last song below.

I spoke with Dustin Wong yesterday via email, who was kind enough to confirm and explain the current status of Ponytail. Here's what Dustin had to say...

"The set at Whartscape would probably be the last show in a while. Everybody is off going about their own endeavors, which is really exciting, I think. Ken's writing his own music and Molly is on a journey to find her self and Jeremy drums for the Boredoms now. I think its really good, and if by chance the scattered happens to gather again, it would be another interesting experiment."

Dustin went on to share my excitement for his upcoming solo record on Thrill Jockey, and was kind enough to let me provide this last audible reminder of how amazing this band has been over the years. Look for more to come on Dustin and Ken's solo projects, and many thanks to Ponytail for all the awesome shows and vibes they've provided to us here in Baltimore and beyond.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rap Round Robin Video Flyer No. 2

Sarah Milinksi and Jared Paolini just dropped their second video flyer for this Saturday's Rap Round Robin, and this one's got Height With Friends. The event is this weekend at Floristree, and will sport a lineup that includes Food For Animals, AK Slaughter, Rap Dragons, Mickey Free, King Rhythm, The Plural MC, PT Burnem, and Jones.

Peep the poster after the jump, and look our for the third installment soon.

Baltimore Rap Round Robin

Dope Body: "Forcefield" premiere / "Enemy Outta Me" video

Andrew from Dope Body hit me up with a Gchat link last night, containing their new music video directed by Matt Porterfield. The video is for a song off of their forthcoming LP dubbed "Enemy Outta Me", of which I had the pleasure of premiering recently.

This is easily one of my favorite local videos of the year so far, chopping and splicing your insides with Porterfield's killer 16mm and Super 8 footage. The video was shot in the basement of the new Current Gallery space, and will blast you back to MTV circa 1993... when MTV after school was a more wholesome viewing experience than whatever the kids watch on that channel today.

In lieu of this rad new video, I asked Dope Body to let me premiere another new song off their upcoming LP. Above is "Forcefield, which will be found on the forthcoming album called Nupping. Clocking in at almost 7 minutes, this track is a journey into why this isn't your ordinary brute-force rock band. The track showcases the band's range in sound and structure, and is another example of the freakish guitar chops that the band uses to infiltrate your ears with loads of industrial sludge.

Details on Nupping are still in the works, but we'll surely keep you posted.

Dope Body

Live MP3s: Oxes at Whartscape 2010

Photo by Joe Perez via IMPOSE

The final Whartscape has come and gone, but Guy Werner has been kind enough to offer us a large chunk of audio of a bunch of sets from the fest. We'll be posting as much of the recordings as we can, starting today with a rather fine specimen.

This was the first Oxes performance in several years, and was part of an installment the band dubbed WHOXESCAPE. The band performed at random times throughout the day on Friday, and played inside the glass of the front room in the new Current Gallery. This allowed random pedestrians on Howard Street and riders of the light rail to experience Oxes unwillingly, a band that even fans likely need to mentally prepare themselves for.

On top of all this, Marc and Nat were armed with wireless guitars, allowing them to take their guitars out into the streets during some of the sets. All antics aside, the band sounded on point all day long, blasting Whartscapers and everyday citizens with heavy waves of guitar and blistering drums of the warped and tainted math-scuzz variety.

Photo by Joe Perez via IMPOSE