Thursday, September 29, 2011

Roomrunner - "Spinning"

Fan Death Records spouted out a whole mess of spectacular noise this week, including a track from their forthcoming Roomrunner cassette called "Spinning".

We're pretty stoked to be able to follow up that post about Double Dagger calling it quits with a promising new single from drummer Denny Bowen's band Roomrunner. "Spinning" is aural proof that no one kid can ever grow up on too much Nirvana. A killer burst of noise-pop bliss that odes to the 90s without kissing too much ass.

Roomrunner is made up of Denny Bowen, Dan Frome, John Jones, and Bret Lanahan. The new songs were recorded by Dan Frome, who also plays guitar. The "Frome Dome" came in handy especially for the vocals, as Denny felt comfortable enough to record his voice there instead of renting a car and going out to a parking lot somewhere in the county as previously planned. Bowen has been writing the songs over the past two years.

The debut Roomrunner cassette is part of a new tape series from Fan Death Records, where each proprietor of the label chose a different band to make a tape of. This was Sean Gray's choice, and you can get all four titles for only seventeen bucks right here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Video: Holy Ghost Party - Live 9.10.11

A few weeks ago Holy Ghost Party performed at the Metro Gallery as a duo, with their debut full length fresh off of a release on cassette (Friends) and vinyl (GenPop). Guy Werner taped the whole live set, a calculated raucous that occupied in the same realm as their Worlds in Collusion performance did earlier this year.

Head over to Push Record Play for sets by Deradoorian and Co La from the same night.

Co La 09-10-11 @ Metro
by Guy Werner

Friday, September 16, 2011

End of the Road: Double Dagger

I began this week posting about a new beginning, but will end it with a farewell. After nine years together, Double Dagger have announced their final string of shows.

Perhaps Steve Buckhantz said it best. Dagger, indeed. Dudes are throwing in the towel at a high point, after two of their finest releases - More and Masks. From the band:

We've accomplished a lot in those nine years, playing some incredible shows with bands we love and in places we never thought we'd get to play. We've been fortunate enough to have several great labels support us along the way, starting with local friends Hit-Dat, and later Chicago-based labels Stationary (Heart) and Thrill Jockey, as well as hometown labels Toxic Pop and Terra Firma.

To answer the inevitable question about why we're breaking up: Like any relationship's end, it's complex, but for us it mostly comes down to time. As the band got older and grew and changed, the people in it did too, and our individual lives are pulling us towards other pursuits. With this in mind, we decided to focus on playing a few final shows in some of our favorite cities, and go out on a high note instead of slowing fading away. We still like the music, the shows, and each other, and we think it's best to bring things to a close while we can still devote our full energy to this music.

We've been taking time off from playing live to finish a few new songs, which will be released posthumously in some format (the details are still being figured out). We've also been planning a string of final shows in some of our favorite cities next month.

We could fill a book with the people we want to thank for everything they've done for us over the years. Those who helped us out in any way from putting out our records, helping us screenprint record covers and t-shirts, taking a chance on booking us in other cities we'd never played before (or booking us time and time again), roommates who sat through countless hours of practice (and sometimes recording), strangers who made us meals in their homes, let us sleep on their floors, drove us around, put up with our bad jokes, lent us equipment (though more often it happened that we were the lenders), absorbed the onstage insults, didn't sue us when getting hit in the head with drums, gave us good advice, bought the records and came to the shows and flipped out which gave us the energy to better do the same, and most importantly the girlfriends and wives who let us take the time to do this, all of you made everything we've put into this worth it.

We're all creative dudes so this isn't the last you'll hear from us, but it is (almost) the end of the line for hearing from us together as Double Dagger. The last of it will be that forthcoming collection of songs and the last few Double Dagger shows.

Double Dagger's final shows are listed after the jump.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Culture Dealer

It kind of feels like Christmas morning when a new label pops up in Baltimore, especially when it is one this good. Say hello to Culture Dealer, a new outlet by Mike Collins.

With a handful of analog offerings already underway, this new label looks to specialize in short-run oddities of the highest caliber of weird. The teaser for Culture Dealer's flagship VHS is above, a fifty minute production called Video Door. The label promises a "compilation of mental maps, warped perspectives, dream exploits, nose cameras, audio-visual experiments and much more." It will feature work by Baltimore's Run DMT, Justin Kelly, Alex Deranian, Chase O'Hara, Will Pesta and more along with folks from out of town as well. You can order it now on green VHS for $7 right here.

Another inaugural release from Culture Dealer is a new cassette from the label boss himself, Run DMT. The album is called DREAMS, and streaming above is a new track from it called "Romantic". Mike just sent me the full tape yesterday, and I look forward to sharing more about this amazing cassette over on Impose in the coming weeks.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

IRL: Co La, Deradoorian, Holy Ghost Party, Maxmillion Dunbar

While the first night of IRL aims at your heart, the second night of the exhibit opening aims to please your feet. This Saturday 9/10 you'll find Co La, Deradoorian (Angel from Dirty Projectors), Holy Ghost Party, and Maxmillion Dunbar at the Metro Gallery.

This will be your first chance to grip Co La's Fugitive of Leisure cassette, a summer single series that concluded today with the full album up now over on Altered Zones. These new Co La bangers are further affirmation of Papich's "new anything" genre, a re-contorted and re-imagined sound defined by years of pop music.

Check out cuts from all four acts playing the second night of IRL below.

You can RSVP for night two of IRL at the Metro Gallery right here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IRL: Secret Mountains, Soft Cat, Arches

Bmore Musically Informed is super excited to announce its first gallery exhibition, a photo show called IRL that kicks off this Friday night at the Metro Gallery.

Featuring shots that have only existed in the internet world until now, the exhibit aims to portray shows that took place in real life in Baltimore. The show will feature work by Valerie Paulsgrove, Chrissy Abbott, and Adam Lempel. It will also include live audio contributions by David Carter and live video contributions by Guy Werner.

Opening weekend for the exhibit starts September 9 with the following heart-melters:

You can RSVP to see Secret Mountains, Soft Cat, and Arches right here.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Video: Wye Oak - "Holy Holy"

Our friend Nada over at the always radical Friends with Both Arms blog sent us a clip of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack from Wye Oak performing our favorite song from Civilian.

Not only is this a stellar sounding outdoor rendition of "Holy Holy", it's performed on a swing set. We already knew Andy Stack was multi-talented, but here he displays his ability to swing and play the drums at the same time. The video was beautifully shot during SXSW, and was produced to help out with the Invisible Children fund.

Wye Oak's Civilian is out now on Merge Records.