Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wigflip Records: Debut / Happy Family + Run DMT Release

Enter Wigflip Records, Baltimore's newest label. Will of Happy Family is largely responsible, deciding that he much rather start a music label than paint for his thesis at MICA.

Wigflip will house a heavy load of new and enchanting artists, ranging from the likes of Happy Family, Run DMT, Semya, Do While, Lands and Peoples, and plenty more. These releases look to be mostly of the digital variety, and also mostly free.

Download Run DMT + Happy Family's new AMANDA HUGGANKISS, and get more details on this release and a handful of others below.

Happy Family
Will from Wigflip is particularly excited about two albums coming out in early spring, largely because he's watched them grow and is now seeing it all come together quite nicely. Semya will release a full length called Georythyms, and Do While will have a self titled release, both of which are available in March via Wigflip.

Free Download: Run DMT + Happy Family - AMANDA HUGGANKISS

You can download Run DMT and Happy Family's collaborative AMANDA HUGGANKISS above for free in all its faded spacey glory. This release takes guitar drones and varying samples and squeezes them all through one of those Play-Doh spaghetti things, only to mush it all back together at some sort of intergalactic laundromat.

Wigflip Records will also host the next two full lengths from both Happy Family and Run DMT. I know I've been jonesing for a Happy Family LP since the Sound Farm EP, and its good to hear this is in the works. We've still got the audio up from his stellar Soft Fest 2009 set too.

Be sure to stop by the label's site, as they've already got up some other classy free sounds. You can currently grab two EPs from The Treehouse, Bong Voyage by Run DMT, and a mix made for the bathroom at Soft Fest. Look for more info/thoughts on Wigflip's releases to come right here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deacon of Animal Collective's First Solo Show this Friday!

In case you missed out on the well-deserved media blitz that was Merriweather Post Pavillion this year, Animal Collective was a trio for their latest releases. Deakin (now spelled Deacon), the original fourth member who helped shape the majority of their catalog has been on hiatus, taking a step away.

Deacon has just announced his first ever solo show, and it will be here in Baltimore this Friday January 1, 2010. It will be at the Ottobar with the legendary Dan Higgs, innovative Jason Urick, and promising Moss of Aura (solo Future Islands project).

Read on for the full details, and to enter a giveaway for free passes to this one.

Very little output has derived from Deakin as of late, besides a smattering of remixes here and there throughout the year. With good reason, folks will be stoked for this show, as this will be the first taste of his new material. Come see him play before he heads to Africa, where he'll be performing at Festival Au Desert and touring with Panda Bear.

Local icon Daniel Higgs opened for Animal Collective at the Ottobar this year, the first show of a massive MPP tour. His recent performances have been a must-see, a man responsible for some of the most important artistic output Baltimore has had to offer.

Jason Urick, whose Husbands was one of our favorite albums of 2009, will be opening along with Moss of Aura. Moss of Aura is Future Islands synth master Gerritt Welmers' fantastic solo project. This show is all ages, and will start at 8:30 PM.

Email bmoremusicallyinformed@gmail with DEACON SHOW in the subject line, and let us know you'd like a pair of free passes to this one. I'll pick a winner the morning of the show, whenever I wake up from the prior evening's activities.

Check out the video for Moss of Aura's "Hope" below.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Sur - Daytrotter Session

The Midwest's most consistent outlet of cozy music session downloads, Daytrotter, dropped a late Christmas present for ears abound. Small Sur, one of Baltimore's finest folk projects, recently stopped by and played some tunes.

With four songs in total, the session consists of two unreleased tracks, and two off of We Live In Houses Made Of Wood. Both of the new songs will appear on Small Sur's next full length in 2010.

Hear one of the new songs and link to the full session download below.

Small Sur at the Zodiac
One of the more familar tracks, "Sea Stones", is one of the session's many bright spots. With a two minute intro of soft and hypnotic hushed noise, this one entrances you rather quickly. When Bob Keal's voice soaks in, complete bliss ensues, and you are quickly reminded of the beauty of 2008's We Live In Houses Made Of Wood.

"Ohhhhh Pt. 1 & 2", lumps two consecutive album tracks into one MP3. Andy Abelow's sax work at the end of "Pt. 1" is incredibly enchanting, and provides the perfect segway to the latter half. These songs have aged well since their birth over a year or so ago, much like the rest. Their is a steady flow throughout the whole session, reminiscent to walking through a creek in late September.

Above is one of the new tracks, "My Elder Days". This song cements proof that Bob's 2010 release is something to be excited for, slowly crawling from a gently swaying melody to a bubbling sunny burst of folk pop perfection.

Austin Stahl's drumming in this performance is also worth noting, tastefully scattered in all the right places. Also, proving music of this variety sometimes does need elements of formal percussion. These four tracks are a fantastic representation of Small Sur, and downloading it here via Daytrotter of course comes highly recommended.

Small Sur croons the Sonar club stage January 19, opening for Vetiver. Recent Sub Pop acquisition Avi Buffalo, and locals Secret Mountains are also part of this stellar lineup.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wham City - Baltimas!!!!!!

Wham City has provided us with a Baltimas holiday mix for the past several years, relinquishing their take on seasonally festive music and entertainment.

This year's is no different, and features a plethora of cuts from local contributors including Ed Schrader, Dan Deacon, Benny Boeldt, Devlin Rice, Steve Strohmeier, Dina Kelberman, Ryan Wirth, Connor Kizer, Meredith Moore, Adam Endres, Jimmy Joe Roche, and more.

The 2009 mix is called Baltimas!!!!!!, and you can stream/download it below.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Valerie's Favorite Show Photos of 2009

Sick Weapons
Both Chrissy and Valerie helped build a pretty elaborate portfolio of photo sets from shows in Baltimore this year. Chrissy already shared her top memories, and here are Valerie's top ten favorite photos she took in 2009, with her thoughts on each shot.

I've been shooting for Bmore Musically Informed since April, and I've loved being a part of it. I have met so many awesome people over the past several months. Similar to Chrissy, I chose the following based on the experiences tied to the show and on the photos themselves. 2009 hosted some of the best concerts I've ever been to, I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring

10. The Faint at Sonar
The Faint at Sonar
This was the first show I shot for Bmore Musically Informed, and even though I have taken many better pictures since this one, I feel it is an appropriate place to start.

9. What Cheer Brigade at Whartscape 09
What Cheer Brigade Marching Band
Definitely the most fun I've ever had watching a marching band.

8. Carsick Cars at Open Space
Carsick Cars
I love taking pictures like this. I have no idea if anyone else likes them as much as I do.

7. Dustin Wong at Soft Fest
Dustin Wong
I really like the tone and composition of this photo, I think it conveys the way everyone felt that night. Soft Fest was a brilliant idea, and one of the singers during the night (although I forget who) put it perfectly: "I have never seen an audience at a show be so quiet, for so long, for such good reasons."

6. Ponytail at the Ottobar
I have no idea how I survived this show, or how my camera survived it. Ponytail fans are dangerous.

5. Abiku at MT6 Fest at the Hexagon
MT6 Fest 2009
I can never see this band too many times. I'm sure you can see why.

4. Le Loup at the Ottobar
Le Loup
Le Loup is one of my favorite bands, and they played beautifully at this show. I love almost all of the shots from this night.

3. Lightwriting with A.K. Slaughter
A.K. Slaughter
Hanging out with Aran and Emily of A.K. Slaughter in a creepy alley, while they figured out a way to vomit light in photographic form. What else can I say?

2. Celebration at Load of Fun
Celebration playing in an ice cave. Everything about this night was fantastic.

1. Future Islands at Floristree
Future Islands
Probably one of the best photos I've ever taken. Sam is so theatrical when he performs, it's easy to get good shots of him.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lineup Announcement: DNA Test Fest III

While the 2009 DNA Test Fest was held down at the Velvet Lounge in DC, next year's will be here in Baltimore at Sonar. Presented by local label Fan Death Records and College Park's WMUC, April 3rd in 2010 is looking to be a complete blowout.

This year's DNA Test Fest sported one of the more interesting (and fantastic) lineups of 2009, but 2010's is surely aiming to one-up it's predecessor. After the jump, get the complete details on the lineup that Fan Death was kind enough to hook us up with first.


April 3rd, 2010 Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland
Doors at 7pm

Pissed Jeans
Psychedelic Horseshit
Religious Knives
Home Blitz
Twin Stumps
Pygmy Shrews
The Chickens
Slave Scene
Neon Blud
Broken Neck

Get tickets here. Get updates here.

The whole fest will be broadcast on WMUC 88.1 FM and online right here world wide. It has also just been confirmed this morning that Jason Urick will be DJing the event. There will also be a free tape compilation for the first 100 lucky show-goers. Look for more to come here on DNA Test Fest III as the details continue to roll in.

The Christmas Lights - "Hair" Video & Ghost Twins EP

The seasonally relevant Maryland project, The Christmas Lights, just released a new double EP dubbed Ghost Twins. This electro pop act is the works of Kenny Tompkins, and is based out west in Frostburg.

Above is the video for "Hair", the first track on Ghost Twins. The video tells the tale of an over-sized Barbie and possibly her super creepy boyfriend. The doll gets bored watching TV, cleans up and lights candles, and is fed bananas by a washed up WWF wrestler. In the end she loses her face, but not before getting her dose of potassium.

Read on for more on The Christmas Lights, and another animated video.

The Christmas Lights at the Ottobar
I caught them back in March at the Ottobar, opening for Cotton Jones. He was then backed by three other musicians, and was undeniably engaging.

This new double EP features two versions of three of the tracks. The "Hair Version[s]" are the electronic and amplified cuts, while the "Tooth Version[s]" are derived using more organic beats. This throws two different perspectives on some extremely catchy pop songs. While the older cuts from his 2008 album Walk Like a Human have more prevalent dark tones in its bubble gum melodies, you've got to dig deeper to find the darkness in most of the tracks off of Ghost Twins.

Grab the new EP here, and below is the video for the earlier standout "Show Your Teeth".

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photos: The Super Vacations / Gary War at the Zodiac

Gary War
Last weekend featured a plethora of dope shows, from the epic Floristree matinee, to the Baltimore Afrobeat Society, to the Jesus Camp Sunday Mass(ive). Saturday night the Zodiac sported two fine groups of SHDWPLY fame, and man did they bring it.

Gary War and The Super Vacations both rocked pop songs of the faded and warped variety, and proved just as good live as they are on record. The Super Vacations seem to have perfected jaded surf pop, and I for one am heavily anticipating their 2010 full length with SHDWPLY. Look for more on these guys here in the coming months, and cop the Henry 7 inch if you haven't already done so.

Peep below for the full photo set of The Super Vacations and Gary War at the Zodiac.

Photos by Valerie

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Premiere: Future Islands - "Flicker & Flutter" (Javelin Remix)
and Photos of Jesus Camp Show with Javelin / Grandchildren

Javelin at Jesus Camp
Future Islands played their last local show for a little while, as they headlined Jesus Camp Sunday night with Javelin, 400 Cloaks, and Grandchildren all on hefty support. Going out and dancing at the Megachurch in Hampden on a Sunday night proved worthy, as all acts made going to church plenty fun.

Pictured above is just some of the fantastic antics that took place during Javelin's set. They made you want to dance, they were lively as all hell, and they've created some pretty infectious pop songs. You''ll find a Javelin remix of the Future Islands track "Flicker and Flutter" on the upcoming Post Office Wave Chapel via Future Islands and Free Danger. The band kindly hooked us up with the exclusive premiere of said track.

Stream this one in all it's glory and peep all photos of this show after the click.

Future Islands at Jesus Camp
The upcoming Future Islands remix EP has it's NYC release party this Thursday at Death by Audio, with Javelin, Jones, Moss of Aura, and Pictureplane - all of which lent a hand to the record. Future Islands synth wizard Geritt Welmers donated his Moss of Aura project's take on "Beach Foam", utilizing riffs from No Age's "Eraser". Jones is responsible for the remix of "Little Dreamer" that features Beach House's Victoria Lengrand, and Pictureplane reworked "Old Dreamer".

Future Islands at Jesus Camp
Sunday night was the trio's last hometown show for a little while, but look for big things to come in 2010 from these guys including a Friends Records split 7 inch with Lonnie Walker, and their debut Thrill Jockey full length. We will also have a podcast of an acoustic house session hitting waves soon, with brand new tracks, a super fantastic organ, and Sam somehow sitting down while singing.

Here's the premiere of the rad Javelin remix on the upcoming 12 inch, and more photos.

Future Islands - Flicker and Flutter [Javelin Remix] ( premiere)

Photos by Chrissy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photos / Review: Double Dagger, Ponytail,
Ecstatic Sunshine, Videohippos @ Floristree

Double Dagger
On Saturday, Floristree hosted an epic matinee show, giving Baltimore a damn good reason to come out as early as 4 PM. Double Dagger, Videohippos, Ponytail, and Ecstatic Sunshine each played two sets. Multiple stages were in play at the H&H, and the early evening show also included video shorts from Mark Brown, Evan Devine, Matt Porterfield, and Robby Rackleff.

While some might have been skeptical of the idea of a matinee show, especially of such epic proportions, the general consensus was highly positive. It gave you something super awesome to do at 4 PM on a Saturday, it allowed you to go to 2 full shows in one weekend day, and when it was over it was only 7 PM... plenty of time for activities!

Full 90-shot photo set of all bands compliments of Valerie and more words after the click.

Double Dagger
Double Dagger took yet another show by storm, no surprises here. At least one brand new song was played, a track that was also rocked at the Jesus Lizard show that featured the lyrics, "If you lived two lives, which do you call home?" This will be their last show for at least three months, so hopefully we all got our DD fix this weekend.

Ponytail are on the heels of putting together their next LP, and the second set they played on Sunday featured pretty much all new songs. Based off these tracks, more big things are most certainly coming from this local force. A lot of the new songs really took advantage of Dustin Wong's freak-of-nature guitar chops, and provided a few more mellow and intricate melodies and loops.

This was Videohippos second performance since adding Jared Paolini and Benny Boeldt, the first one being their set opening up for Celebration at LoF a month or two back. The new additions have turned this spaced out electro pop group into a whole new entity, and I for one am stoked at the new and more organic material to come. Look for a podcast session of a private performance Videohippos played for us last week to come here at in the near future.

Ecstatic Sunshine
Ecstatic Sunshine is always a treat, and Sunday proved no different. Matthew Papich transcended beautiful looping landscapes, much like what you'll find on his new album Yesterday's Work. I picked up a copy of the freshly released Yesterday's Work at the show, and have been spinning it ever since. I was warned by some folks on Beatbots that I may have released my top 20 Baltimore albums list too early, and they were absolutely correct. Expect a feature on this piece in the near future.

Full Flikr set of the entire show is here, and the flash gallery is below.

Photos by Valerie

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bmore Musically Informed Presents:
Arbouretum, Wye Oak, Sri Aurobindo,
Weekends, Violet Hour @ the G Spot January 29, 2010

G Spot Show 1/29/10 by Chris Day

Bmore Musically Informed Presents:
Wye Oak

Sri Aurobindo
The Violet Hour
January 29th, 2010. The G Spot. 2980 Falls Road.

Music from each band, and details on tickets and "Blogtimore PWNS" Weekend below.

Arbouretum - False Spring

One of the headliners for the evening will be Arbouretum, a band that needs little introduction to those here in Baltimore. I couldn't think of a more perfect act to help close this G Spot show, and we at Bmore Musically Informed are ecstatic to be able to be a part of this.

Wye Oak - Take It In

Wye Oak will also be headlining, rounding out what could easily be one of the best pair of local headliners you'd see here in Baltimore. Andy and Jenn's performances in 2009 were nothing short of legendary, and I know I'm stoked to hear their noise bounce off the walls of the old textile mill.

Sri Aurobindo at Sonar

Sri Aurobindo - Nobody's Child

Baltimore's finest new psych rock band, Sri Aurobindo, will top the support for the evening. These guys dropped two fantastic releases this year and are on the heels of releasing their potential opus in 2010, via our yet-to-be-debuted label, Friends Records.

Podcasting with Weekends

Weekends - Raingirls

Weekends are one of the best newer duos you'll find in these here parts, blasting countless ears with their garaged-out surf rock at shows in 2009. I've described them as possessing guitar riffs of pure joy before, riffs that will be a more than stellar addition to this lineup. Weekends are also due for a full length LP on Friends Records in 2010.

The Violet Hour at the Metro Gallery

The Violet Hour - XXXVI

The Violet Hour are the blissfully hypnotic duo of Beth Varden and Andriana Pateris. They will be performing their sonically dense and transcendent form of folk music, providing sounds that ears will most certainly welcome.

Get tickets here.

This show will take place on Friday, January 29th, 2010. It will be in conjunction with Aural States Fest II, part of a weekend series put on by Aural States and I called "Blogtimore PWNS". His monster of a show will be the following night on January 30th, and it will be at Sonar.

Bmore Musically Informed's first night on the 29th will be $10 in advance, and $12 the day of. Advanced tickets will be available at Missiontix on Friday December 18. Aural States and I are also allowing a limited number of passes that will grant you access to both events. These tickets will be just $20, but there are only 50 available through both Missiontix and Sonar.

Doors at the G Spot will open at 7 PM, and the show will start promptly at 8 PM. The event is ages 18 and older only. This will be a truly special evening filled with rock and roll, beer, and an ode to one of the better venues in town.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clusterf*ck: Shows in Baltimore this Weekend

This weekend isn't so much a clusterfuck, as their seems to be a pretty clear path of adventures to choose. These particular adventures also happen to be some of the raddest in awhile.

Friday night, I suggest kind of sort of taking it easy. There's a lot ahead of you, and burning out too quickly this weekend will result in failure. However, with a 25 piece band covering Fela Kuti tunes for the masses, this might prove difficult.

The Baltimore Afrobeat Society is holding their yearly event at the H&H, dubbing it this year the "Fela Anikulapo Kuti Dance Party". This is always a great event, and provides plenty of an ass-shaking good time. The event is kindly asking for 10 bucks, and the show starts at 11. Sleep in late after this one, as Saturday will provide a full day's worth of awesomeness.

Saturday is the epic throwdown at Floristree, with four of Baltimore's biggest bands on one bill. Double Dagger, Ponytail, Videohippos, and Ecstatic Sunshine will all melt faces in grand fashion. This is a rare matinee show, with doors opening at 3 PM and the show starting at 4 PM.

Each band will perform two sets, with video intermissions in between each set compliments of Mark Brown, Evan Devine, Matt Porterfield, and Robby Rackleff. This show has absolutely zero potential of sucking, and might prove to be one of the more epic lineups of 2009. Double Dagger even promised a taco cart in an email yesterday... a taco cart people!

After having your mind completely blown all afternoon, head to the Zodiac to continue adventuring. SHDWPLY heavyweights, The Super Vacations, will be in town with labelmates Gary War. More on their new jams here, and opening will be the always entrancing Lands and Peoples.

If you are still alive after Saturday, and man will you hope you will be, this Sunday proves not just to be the day of rest. Jesus Camp (megachurch in Hampden) is throwing their first big big show, with Future Islands, Javelin, Grandchildren, Mark Brown, and 400 Cloaks (Meredith Moore, Andrew Burt). This lineup is stacked from start to finish, and should prove worth heading out on a Sunday. Javelin is responsible for one the best remixes on the new Future Islands remix 12 inch by Free Danger, and the rest should keep it more than interesting as well.

And then, sleep.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ticket Giveaway:
Toro y Moi, Weekends, Rapdragons, and Dope Body

Toro y Moi is about to drop not one, but two LPs on D.C. label Carpark in 2010. Carpark is responsible for some of the bigger Baltimore albums of this decade, and North Carolina artist Toro y Moi is a more than welcome addition to their roster.

Next Thursday night, December 17th, Toro y Moi will be headlining the Ottobar. He's got some incredibly strong local support, with Weekends, Rapdragons, and Dope Body all on the bill. Take a stab at some free tickets, watch Toro y Moi cover Beach House, and more after the click.

This bill is incredibly diverse, and includes elements of electro pop, fuzzy surf garage, hip hop, and some jaded thrash wave thrown in for good measure. Should be a true feast of the ears, and perfect for the ADD type show-goer.

Toro y Moi is on the verge of explosion, and I've had the chance to spend some time with his upcoming release Causers of This. This LP goes down smoother than milk after cookies, and bubbles along with silky fresh vocals and catchy-as-fuck melodies. Unlike alot of the other sample based electro pop infesting the internet these days, Toro y Moi does a majority of his own vocals, and creates arrangements for them that derive from pretty much every genre ever.

I've covered Weekends, Dope Body, and Rapdragons pretty extensively, so no need to say more. They are all among my favorite local live acts, and will all bring it hard.

If you're interested in some free tickets for this, email saying so, and I'll pick a winner next week the day before the show. Tickets are only 8 bucks, doors are at 8, and show starts at 9. Here's a video of Toro y Moi covering Beach House's "Master of None".

Favorite Baltimore Shows of 2009

The Flaming Lips at Merriweather Post Pavilion
We went to a lot of shows in 2009, covering as much live music as humanly possible. I decided to list 10 sets that stand out in my mind, only qualifier being that it had to have been covered on

This left out a few sets that would have surely made it, but I still think this is a solid representation of how much fun I had in Baltimore this year. I didn't rank these, because well... who cares. They were all fantastic, and here's to many more.

Extra Golden at Floristree
Extra Golden at Floristree
Floristree was nice and sticky that night, as this collaboration of musicians from both DC and Kenya took it by storm. I believe the singer's feet in this photo never actually touched the ground throughout the entire set, tons of energy.

Animal Collective at the Ottobar
Animal Collective at the Ottobar
Animal Collective were once just a couple dudes that went to The Park School of Baltimore. In 2009 Merriweather Post Pavilion jump-started their voyage of world domination, and this was their first night of a massive tour. This was easily one of the biggest shows at the Ottobar this year.

Sick Weapons at Hampdenfest
Sick Weapons at Hampden Fest 09
While this may not have even been Sick Weapon's best set I saw this year, this set was priceless. Seeing toddlers dance around to Sick Weapons was pretty much the coolest thing I saw all year, and Ellie honking the horn instead of cursing appeared to be an epic test of will on her part.

No Deachunter at Sonar
No Age at the Baltimore Round Robin
When Dan Deacon, Deerhunter, and No Age all started playing a unified song at once from different ends of the room at Sonar to start this show, it pretty much sealed the deal of making it to this post. This Round Robin style show was a whole mess of fun.

Celebration at Load of Fun
This was the "Earth" show for their element series, a string of shows here in Baltimore that took place throughout the year and included some great ones. You can still download the full set audio right here.

The Jesus Lizard at Sonar
The Jesus Lizard at Sonar
A kick ass performance by a legendary band, enough said.

Sri Aurobindo at the Metro Gallery
Sri Aurobindo at the Metro Gallery
This was the album release party for Return into Earth, an epic 30 minute journey of a track. This set captured what that release was all about, and was easily one of the best improvs I witnessed all year.

Ponytail at the Ottobar
Another mind blowing set from Baltimore's favorite pixie dust-infused rock band. New material was played, and showed sure signs of the next album being just as good as Ice Cream Spiritual.

Future Islands at Floristree
Future Islands
This was quite possibly my favorite Future Islands set ever. The energy was fierce, the sound was booming, and the trio was tighter than ever. Look for gigantic things to come from these guys in 2010.

Dan Deacon w/Ensemble at Whartscape
Dan Deacon Whartscape 2009
This set managed to embody all that is right with music here in Baltimore, and package it in a one hour chunk of music and fun. This was one of the many highlights of Whartscape 2009, a festival that truly represents how it feels to be a part of community like Baltimore. Every single person in that North Avenue parking lot that night left the show smiling, and with good reason.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jason Urick - "The Eternal Return" Video

A mega fine piece of multimedia just dropped from Jason Urick's 2009 masterpiece, Husbands. The video for "The Eternal Return" is the visual accompaniment for the last track on the album, and provides a similar experience for your eyes as the song does for your ears.

The video uses droned out clips of spacey sampled scenes, much like the sounds that illuminate on Husbands.

There is a deeply hypnotic feel, that becomes particularly creepy throughout the marathon scene. "The Eternal Return" is directed by Jason John Würm.

Watch the video after the click, and be sure to snag Husbands if you haven't already.

The Eternal Return by Jason Urick from jason john würm on Vimeo.

The Super Vacations - Henry 7 inch / Zodiac on Saturday

The Super Vacations sport a knack for conquering their brand of East Coast garage surf pop, as their 2008 debut record on SHDWPLY still frequents my turntable. Dudes are back with a 7 inch on SHDWPLY Records, and also have another LP in the works you can look for in 2010.

You can catch The Super Vacations at the Zodiac this Saturday night. They are booked with label mates and Whartscape alum Gary War, and also with local dream folk outfit Lands ands Peoples (grab their set from Soft Fest). Tracks from Henry and more after the click.

The Henry seven inch features 4 songs, with "Henry" and "The Void" rounding out side A, and "Ten Second Freakout" along with "The Paradise" on side B. The tracks all show progression up against their 2008 full length, but still the same fuzzy likability. Think early early Built to Spill crossed with Dick Dale, and some 13th Floor Elevators thrown in the mix for good measure.

These are faded surf rock tunes soaked in waves of melody and drenched in raw sound. The song structure has become more focused, and the production even beefed up a bit. Drunken guitar chords paired with warped and faded vocals are still at the forefront, but have more purpose. I am most certainly anxiously awaiting the next LP.

Stream "The Void", or download this one and "10 Second Freakout" via No Conclusion.

After the monster of a matinée show at Floristree on Saturday, hit up the Zodiac.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Chrissy's Favorite Show Photos of 2009

Dan Deacon Whartscape 2009
Chrissy was Bmore Musically Informed's first contributor besides me, and she's had herself a pretty rad year taking some pictures of music being played. Here's her ten favorite photos she took in 2009, and her take on each shot.

I've been having a lot of fun shooting photos for over the past year. I picked ten of my favorite shots from '09. I decided on these ones not just based on how the images look, but also on the experiences I had at the shows and other random urges. I have a lot of technically and compositionally great photos, but these are the ones that really stick out to me. Here's to hoping 2010 will be just as awesome.

10. Double Dagger at Sonar
Double Dagger at Sonar
Nolan hopped the barricade several times during this set. Here he is singing directly to this girl in the crowd who seemed kind of nervous about it.

9. Future Islands at the Zodiac
Future Islands at the Zodiac
Sam ascending! That's all I really have to say about this one.

8. The Flaming Lips at Merriweather
The Flaming Lips at Merriweather Post Pavilion
I've been a Flaming Lips fan for years, so having the chance to not only see them up-close and for free, but I got to photograph them too! They put on a great show and best of all I got to stay in the pit for the entire show.

7. Nobunny at the Ottobar
Nobunny at the Ottobar
One intense show. From walking in to see Nobunny's ass immediately in my face hanging off the side of the stage to my friend randomly stage-diving during the set, this show was one big party.

6. Double Dagger at Whartscape
Double Dagger at Whartscape 2009
For this set someone behind the stage (I think it may have been William of Future Islands, but I forget...) convinced me to get up on the stage. I was drunk enough to do it. I'm glad. The Double Dagger crowd are a bit too violent for me so it was nice to feel safe while getting shots of them.

5. Dan Deacon at Sonar
Dan Deacon at Sonar
Sweaty kids partying!

4. Celebration outside the Metro Gallery
Celebration outside the Metro Gallery
Katrina is always a nice subject to photograph and I like the candidness of this shot.

Spank Rock & Ninjasonik with Johnny Siera at Sonar
Spank Rock at Sonar
Johnny came out to sing "Negative Thinking" with Spank Rock & Ninjasonik. Johnny even 'tweeted' this photo a few months later, which is flattering.

2. Wavves at the Zodiac
Wavves at the Zodiac
Fun fun fun.

No Age at Sonar
No Age at the Baltimore Round Robin
I love the graphic qualities of this photo. I got bruised when photographing No Age from the front, but I was also able to go behind the makeshift stage to get some shots. Deerhunter and Dan Deacon were also great during this Round Robin show.