Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Peace 2008.

With a chance to finally catch my breath, figured I'd let the world know I'm still kickin. Rejoicing the completion of my collegiate career, last Thursday and Friday nights were packed with keyboards, booze, dancing, guitars, and visualistic stimuli at Round Robin.

Eyes Night sported a look into what to expect from some of Bmore's best for next year, with Beach House, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, and Jana Hunter all playing some new tunes. Santa Dads were beat boxing bluegrass at its best and Teeth Mountain created sounds that must be the envy of hippy drum cirlces worldwide.

Feet Night was a spastic affair that offered congo lines, spilled drinks, and some of Baltimore's most fun acts. Future Islands exhibited why they are a taste best served live, and were the evening's high point with a bill that boasted Dan Deacon, Deathset, Adventure, and Double Dagger.

Brimming with politcial hope and economic demise, 2008 also featured some pretty incredible music. I can already predict entries for my local top 10 of 2009, with Animal Collective's confusingly named Merriweather Post Pavillion LP being released January 6th and Dan Deacon's Bromst seeing daylight in March.

Look forward to new features on the site next year, including dual air bags, Oregon Trail graphics, and even a hot tub. Also expect exclusive premieres from The Humblebees and Brian Adam Ant's new ensemble.

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Anonymous said...

Hippies rule, you know, even if they're too old to do the round robin. Peace 2009 too.

peter & jackie