Monday, February 2, 2009

Deekee Zjevotneya & Aural States Fest

Music was brimming from Baltimore this weekend as per usual. I'm sure Aural States will have coverage of their extremely well put together mini-fest this weekend, Greg's already got up MP3s of Wye Oak's set compliments of the Baltimore Taper. Sri Aurobindo absolutely killed it, while Wye Oak, Arbouretem, Caverns, and Lo Moda all put forth solid sets.

However Saturday night's bill at the Talking Head had a glaring bright spot. Deekee Zjevotneya are a bona fide rock band with tons of promise for the future. Charlie and Brian have written some ridiculously clever and catchy lyrics, with Brian Adam Ant's folk tune nature getting tossed in the dryer with a load of Pixies.

Ex-Wailsound's drummer Andy Thomas and Jake the Snakemaster each boasted incredible skills, solidfying the bands instantly mind-numbing sound. Looking forward to what the recording process produces from them, surely check back for more deets on these guys in the near future.

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