Monday, June 27, 2011

Semya - "Spectral Growth Reel"

Last week Richard over at Rose Quartz pointed out a new track via Altered Zones by Baltimore's own Semya. It's called "Spectral Growth Reel", check it out below.

This new offering from the Wigflip cohort Semya (the same dude who makes beats under the Lexx moniker) is a brilliantly lit-up affair. With new age hums and off-kilter warbles that could cast a spell over just about anything, this sun-drenched stunner shows much promise for the forthcoming full length. "Spectral Growth Reel" starts out with subtle tones and warm vibes, only to let up and drift off deep into a realm of weird and cosmic sounds. Some resemblance of a beat can be found throughout the haze, starting out in the distance but eventually becoming the focal point as the song fades off into space.

The new cassette is out on Matthewdavid's label, Leaving Records, in July or August.

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