Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Artscape: Worlds In Collusion

This year's Artscape is this weekend, and the good folks at High Zero are again offering a chance to get out of the heat and into some air-conditioned weirdness. In conjunction with University of Baltimore and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts, High Zero presents Worlds In Collusion.

Art of the musical, aural, and performance-based variety will be on display, all within the more avant-garde realm you'd expect from High Zero. Check out the schedule below.

Friday July 15
2pm K. S. Resmi • Indian Carnatic Singing
3pm Alex Strama • Theatrical Apocalyptic Rock
4pm Effervescent Collective • Experimental dance & music
5pm Ear Monsters • Free Jazz by Elementary Schoolers 
6pm N. Scott Robinson • World Percussion
7pm The Westsiders (Baltimore Marching Band) • Exalted Baltimore spirit 
8pm Sam Garrett • Modern Classical compositions
9pm Andy Hayleck and Dan Conrad • Hypnotic light performance with music

Saturday July 16
12pm Holy Ghost Party • Chillingly  weird pop music  
1pm Rum Raisin • Cathartic noise music
2pm Spaceships and Insects (Liz Downing and Nathan Bell) • Cosmic  Banjos & Songs
3pm HEARTON (Dan Bren and Friends) •  Unpredictable improvised madness 
4pm Neil Feather • Visionary  invented instruments
5pm Peabody Early Music Ensemble • Music  from Ancient Times to the Renaissance 
6pm Geist • Japanese  Heavy Metal
7pm Samuel Burt Ensemble • Compositions for Reeds, Strings, and Electronics
8pm Soumya  Chakraverty • Gorgeous Indian Classical Music

Sunday July 17
12pm Parallel Octave • Experimental  Greek chorus sings unusual texts
1pm Jesse Heffler & Allen  Mozek • Spoken Word / Experimental Performance
2pm Whoarfrost • Explosive experimental rock 
3pm Composer Will  Redman • Avant-garde classical music featuring improvisation 
4pm Ahmed Borhani • Persian Classical Music
5pm Horselords •  Hypnotic rock influenced by North African music 
6pm Jimmy Joe  Roche  • Live electronic music
7pm Wrhatnala USA Gamelan  Ensemble • Traditional Balinese music

All shows take place at the University of Baltimore Student Center on the 5th floor. Look for new sounds from Holy Ghost Party right here later this week.

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