Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oxes - "Crunchy Zest"

Just about every band that I've ever covered from Baltimore probably owes a nod to the trio of Chris Freeland, Marc Miller, and Nat Fowler. Oxes haven't had a U.S. release since 2005, but have still managed to be there when Baltimore's needed them most.

Whartscape 2008 (below) and Whoxescape in 2010 (above) are a few of the rare appearances they've tossed our way since, but that changes this Fall.

They shall stand on boxes again, and this time with a couple new releases on the table. The first of which is called Bile Stbudy - a new 12" limited to five hundred copies on Friends Records. The wax will feature "Crunchy Zest", "Orange Jewelryist", and more.

"Crunchy Zest" has made a few stellar live appearances, including this one.

In addition to new releases, Oxes have shows in the works. The first of which Citypaper spilled the news on last week - November 5 at Baltimore's thought-to-be-dead G Spot with Thank You and special guests. RSVP to that here. They were also invited by Les Savy Fav to play ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas this December in England.

Pre-order Bile Stbudy here, and you'll want to stay tuned for the next Oxes release.

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