Friday, November 11, 2011

Video: Weekends - "Roommate / Raingirls"

It was really hot outside. I arrived at the Copycat early one Saturday to help out with a music video. The Copycat Theatre troupe, responsible for Rooms Play and other wonderment, had written and choreographed a short for our friends Weekends.

Guy Werner and Kevin Blackistone descended upon the space with a truck full of lights (hot lights) and the rest of their video gear. What ensued was a video for two songs off of Weekends' Strange Cultures. Brendan Sullivan and Adam Lempel  are invaded during a sweaty rendition of "Roommate" in their old practice space, and taken to the Copycat Theater's fantasy world for "Raingirls." Claymation animates the second half, a psychedelic whirlwind of clay, umbrellas, dancing, and Sam Shea in a bear costume.

The first half of this was recorded that hot Saturday, the daylong shoot ended with Weekends rushing over to a gig at Floristree. Brendan rode with me over to the H&H, and there's still red body paint from the video's abduction on my passenger seat.

Weekends are working on their next LP now, the first taste of which will be here.

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