Monday, June 16, 2008

Lookout Ice Cream, Lookout Zoomer

There are three releases to look forward to tomorrow, one of which features the elephant adventurer cover art seen to the left. The Silver Jews drop Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea on Drag City tomorrow. The band just finished a tour with Monotonix, who bring their supposedly stellar live show back to Baltimore on Tuesday.

Another local event this Tuesday includes the release of Ponytail's second album. The band's highly anticipated Ice Cream Spiritual promises to be packed with shrieks of experimental power pop. And of course, Sup Pop's behemoth, Wolf Parade also puts out their second LP the 17th. At Mount Zoomer is an album most have been looking forward to since their first epic release in 2006.

In completely unrelated news, today's Daytrotter session features Spoon. The four free tracks include a Paul Simon cover, a song from their very first EP, and a song that Daytrotter claims to be unreleased.* However, that song is in fact the second to last track on their 2002 record, Kill the Moonlight.

*edit: The page still says its unreleased but changed it to mention that it is on Kill the Moonlight (probably Spoon's best record).

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