Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Falafel and Drum-Surfing

In light of my recent travels, I present you with Monotonix. They are from Tel Aviv, and they kinda rock. If blending the Black Lips with a little Sabbath and maybe some Spoon sounds good to you, then they are probably your thing.

Still not convinced? Testimonials like this one just might get your attention:

"You hit my girlfriend in the head with a trash can, and as much as i love her, you were still the best fucking band i've seen in ages." -Siobhan, Raliegh NC

They have an EP out now on Drag City, check out the title track on my playlist. The band just ended a European tour with the Silver Jews, who reportedly spent the tour explaining that they were not the band from Israel. Monotonix will be in Baltimore June 17th.

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