Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez Album Droppage

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez creates art. His visual art is displayed above, and more can be found here. Lesser's aural works have been collected on Carpark's Why is Bear Billowing?. The album consists of just him and his guitar, and proves to be all that is needed.

The LP swoons along simplistically leaving behind aftertastes of Devendra Banhart and the late Nick Drake. Often consumed by music that combines every genre possible, its always nice to hear songs that aren't hidden behind any unnecessary layers.

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez has gotten some national press as of late, some of which appears to be confused. Pitchfork "reviewed" the album a few weeks back. However half the piece was spent claiming that Lesser did not fit in with his peers, referring to "the wham city membership card he carries."

Since when do art collectives have to contain bands that all sound the same? And since when did such collectives have membership cards? Is this similar to the one I got when I joined the Bo Knows fan club on the back of my Wheaties box in 1989? Who knows.

I do know that Lesser will be touring the U.S. throughout September with Jana Hunter, and I also know that I couldn't think of a more perfect fall show to attend.

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