Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview: Brian Adam Ant

Brian Adam Ant is back in action in these here parts. His new group Deekee Zjevotneya sports members from other local projects, and unveils their new-found sound Saturday at the Talking Head.

The show is a CD release party for Northermost, with Caestles and Old Man Family Band also filling the bill. 5 bucks gets you a ticket and a CD.

Mr. Ant of Dirty Marmaduke Flude Squad, Evolve, and other varying fame, recently spoke with me about what to expect from the new project and their local debut:

Pronunciation? Dee-Kee Sha-vot-nia. It's Russian for "wild animals".

Band Members? Origins? Charlie Hughes, guitar/vox and also played in Nice Zombies and SciFi and the Sunflowers. Andy Thomas, who used to be the drummer for Wailsounds. And bass player, Jake the Snakemaster. Origin currently unknown.

A rock band that plays 3 1/2 minute songs that are catchy, not vapid.

Influences? We all share love for the Beatles, Pixies, & Kinks.

Choice of peaunut butter? Chunky! Chunky chunky chunky superchunky.

Recording? In process right now at our house off Falls Road.

Expect gigantic things to come from Deekee Zjevotneya, start by seeing them Saturday.

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