Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sri Aurobindo

Tomorrow's Aural States Fest is not only blessed with proven talent with the likes of Arbouretem and Wye Oak. Sri Aurobindo are one of the up and coming acts that are sure to impress folks abound.

Imagine if the Doors and Amon Duul II were frozen in the 60's, and recently melted only to play in their mom's garage together. If that combo gets you all giddy, then Sri Aurobindo just might be for you.

Aural States is hosting a free MP3 of the first track off their upcoming album, have at it. They are first up on the club stage at 9 pm (via AS). Again, tix are just $10.

*Edit (1/30): Sri Aurobindo's extremely limited debut is now available. Soundgarden had copies yesterday but I'm unsure if any are left. There will only be 199 copies of this ridiculously fantastic album, so grabbing one tonight might be your only chance.

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