Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tonight: Ned Oldham, Dark Dark Dark,
Television Hill, Doug Paisley at Windup Space

Tonight the Windup Space hosts Television Hill, Ned Oldham, Dark Dark Dark, and Doug Paisley. Ned Oldham recently passed along his take on tonight's affair:

"A good reunion of old friends, and a new meeting.  Ned brings the new 7" and welcomes a little help from old friends Dave Heumann, Walker Teret, and (drum roll, per favore) Anomoanon drummer Jack Carneal.  Also, Ned lends some help to Television Hill--it's happened before and it's going to happen again.  Windup Space, in the station north neighborhood of Baltimore, also welcomes Doug Paisley, who is touring in support of his fine new album, Constant Companion, release date October 12th on No Quarter Records, for which label Ned and Old Calf are in the studio October 11+, tracking their debut album, Borrow a Horse... it's a tangled web.  The show is on Thursday, October 14.  First set is Ned's; then Doug; then Television Hill.  Please come!"

The show starts at 8:30 PM, also features Dark Dark Dark, and costs eight dollars.

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Anonymous said...

they are amzing live, check them out playing daydreaming...