Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photos: Noble Lake / Virgin Forest @ Talking Head

Photos By Chrissy

Above is the photo set from Thursday night's show at the Talking Head with Noble Lake and Virgin Forest. I unfortunately could not make it, but Chrissy wanted to pass along that the show was indeed fantastic.

To make up for missing out, I hit up Atomic Books yesterday to go grab Noble Lake's  debut album Heyday. Upon first few listens, the LP has the same comfy feel-good vibes that albums like Small Sur's We Live in Houses Made of Wood and Caleb Stine's I'll Head West Again also provide. Andy and Jenn of Wye Oak make for one heck of a supporting cast, as James Sarsgaard's song writing illuminates clean yet interesting and unique. The CD even comes cleverly packaged and wrapped in a poster, so go grab it.

Check back Monday for pics and words from Friday's show hopping, that included Baby Venom's stellar set at Hexagon and Extra Golden's ridiculously great show at Floristree.

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