Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Videohippos - "High Dive (ft. DJ Dog Dick)"

Yesterday's jams were seasonal, as that Wigflip compilation screamed summer, while that INEVERYROOM track is probably best used while still dripping from the Prettyboy Reservoir. Today, I have yet another summer-soaked jam for you folks to rock.

Videohippos just dropped a brand new release, a split CDR with their friends Sewn Leather. There are three brand new Videohippos tracks on this release, all of which feature contributions from other local musicians. The help includes DJ Dog Dick on "High Dive", Teeth Mountain on "Bottles", and Ed Schrader on "Fire Foot". Take a gander:

Right from the get-go, this one sports hazy keys that provide the kind of melody that is typically found up in the clouds. There are birds chirping throughout, further cementing this as one of the first true local summer jams of the year. Suggestions for use include while biking down to Jones Falls, porch-sitting, and late night rooftop sessions.

Production was headed by the always awesome Chester Gwazda, and the art is by Lesser Gonzalez. This release come compliments of Tater Junction, and even comes with a Videohippos sticker! There are only a handful of these left out of the original 150 copies, and you can snag them from Atomic Books and True Vine.


1) HIGH DIVE (featuring DJ DOG DICK)
3) FIRE FOOT (featuring ED SCHRADER)
5) 4000 CALORIES

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