Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Recent Informings

TV on the Radio announced the release of their 3rd LP earlier this week. Much to my pleasantry, it will be released September 23rd right after I go to this out west.

But for those that urn for more instant gratification, a whole lot has come out recently that's in need of your ears. Dr. Dog's newest release Fate is one of which described, and contains guitar pop keyboard goodness.

Menomena's Danny Seim released his 9th LP under the moniker Lackthereof this week. Most of his other releases, including numerous CDR's he passed out amongst friends, have been more sedated folksy endeavors.

Your Anchor displays loads of Menomena-infused jams that float along swimmingly. This is the first one that Barsuk has released of his, and certainly has my strong endorsed recommendation.

Thrill Jockey has dropped lots of love lately. Not only have they debuted the album from Baltimore's own Thank You, They also released Arbouretem and Pontiak's split vinyl action called Kale this week.

In addition to the previous two fine LP's, High Places' collection of singles 03/07 - 09/07 came out on the label Tuesday. This compilation includes experimental fuzz pop gems from 7" vinyls, and some other enjoyable tunes.

The Dutchess and the Duke's debut is also worth your short attention span. The album is full of tracks that sound like an infusion of Exile-era Stones and The White Stripes. Not too shabby.

Also, Bodies of Water's LP, A Certain Feeling, arrived this week. Think Fleet Foxes but infused with opera and soul, and somehow even better than I described. Check out their Daytrotter session right here.

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