Monday, July 21, 2008

Whartscape Hotness

Friday night's set in the steamy old church went as imagined, but at times not withstanding excessive verbal socialization throughout parts of the crowd. Highlights that I caught included Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Golden Age, Arbouretem, Jana Hunter, and Beach House. Lesser Gonzalez, to the left, may have possibly written some of the most preeminent folk songs of recent memory. The LP drops September 9th.

Jana Hunter had the task of playing the middle stage before the headliners took the main stage. Despite Dan Deacon repeatedly reminding people to put aimless conversation to rest throughout the evening, people continued to suck. Jana still sounded great, and obviously needed to be performing on the main or back stage.

Beach House filled the space with sounds that made it impossible for even the most ignorant of folk to gab to their neighbors about ice cream and shoes. They were loud, they were into it, and as usual their familiar sounds resonated otherworldly.

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