Friday, May 8, 2009

Animal Collective at the Ottobar, and more!

Another weekend chock full of shows here in the city that reads. If you were one of the lucky ones that scored tickets to see Animal Collective at the Ottobar on Sunday, I'd suggest doing the right thing and bringing your mom. Old people sure do dig Animal Collective.

If you're not one of the 400 or so who got tickets, check back here for detailed coverage and drown your sorrows in some dusty folk acts Saturday evening. San Francisco's Papercuts will be headlining the Metro Gallery, with local support deriving from the always endearing Jana Hunter.

Papercuts were fantastic opening up for Beach House at their release show for Devotion last year, and are now armed with a new record. Fans of Beach House and Cass McCombs will likely gravitate towards the new LP, which has a much fuller feel than their last record. I will always recommend Jana Hunter, whose There's No Home finds its way into my late night playlist time and time again.

Like more country served with your folk? Try the Golden West tonight where John McCauley of Deer Tick and Caleb Stine serendade Hampden. Deer Tick have been riding the glory of their fantastic War Elephant for some time, but have a new LP dropping June 23rd called Born on Flag Day. Based off the first single released, the new one sounds just as promising.

Sample some goods of all that is going on this weekend...


Greg Szeto said...

seriously dude? no mention of frodus at talking head tonight? that show is gonna walk all over everything else this weekend.

their first area performance in over 10 years (other than murky coffee). candidate for show of the decade.

Brett said...

Greg, Had already checked out your extensive and awesome coverage of the show tonight.

Thought I'd highlight another option, while I'll agree the ridiculous bill at the Talking Head (Sick Weapons, Caverns, SPSD all also included) is likely the superior choioce.

However, I'm curious as to why you haven't mentioned one of the biggest and most inventive bands to (mostly) come out of Baltimore playing the Ottobar? Not a fan?

Greg Szeto said...

yeah, actually not a big animal collective fan; I am especially ambivalent about their latest release. Guess it's good we've got non-overlapping tastes!

Greg Szeto said...

though, i'll probably buckle and check out the show sunday after i goto metro gallery for metropolis with live orchestra.