Thursday, May 7, 2009

PC Worship: NYC Stone Age

Justin Frye hails from both the psychedelic echoes of Gary War and the tribal chaos that is Teeth Mountain. His own project is dubbed PC Worship, of which he just dropped NYC Stone Age via SHDWPLY Records.

With plenty of contemporary lo fi choices at your disposal, some of the best as of late have come from the SHDWPLY label.

My personal favorite was the The Super Vacations debut LP, but PC Worship is creeping its way up there. Surely a grower, the album boasts sonic noise paired with varying blends of off kiltered neo-psychalelia.

The LP was recorded from 2006-2009 in Brooklyn on a four track reel-to-reel tape machine. Plenty of fuzz throughout, Frye dabbles in frenetic free jazz, woozy folk, and shades of psych pop. The record is limited to 200 or so copies, all with hand made silk screen white covers, and unfortunately looks to be way sold out. However, you can download the entire thing for free right here.

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