Thursday, May 21, 2009

Double Dagger Album Release Party

For those of you that have slacked on taking a listen to Double Dagger's More, get on that. The LP is, and will likely remain to be, the most explosive release to come out of our fine city this year.

More delivers everything you would expect from a Double Dagger record, and then some. Snaking melodies and even some down-tempo rhythms show face here and there, but never straying away from the post-hardcore sound we all know and love. Dude's spent an entire winter in a warehouse with no heat recording this one, and the months of hard nips more than certainly paid off.

Their relentless drums, bass, and lyrics transcribe even heavier live. And I'm guessing a packed house at the H&H Building is means for a solid effort. Be sure to check out our photo set from their fantastic performance a few months ago at the Zodiac.

Double Dagger are celebrating the release of More in grand fashion tomorrow night at Floristree. Featured support includes Videohippos, Brooklyn's Air Waves, and Dream Neighbor (an ex-Wzt Hearts project). Not a shabby way to kick of your 3 day weekend folks.


Anonymous said...

Double Dagger live audio from this show is at Aural States:

Air Waves is at Beatbots (and Video Hippos will soon join them):

Brett said...

Thanks Jeff!