Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos: Whartscape 2009 Day One

Photos by Chrissy

Be prepared to be bombarded with photos from all three days of what was a pretty fantastic Whartscape 2009. Above is the photo set from the first day, and if you missed the performances outside the BMA due to work like me, be sure to check out Jeff's recordings over at Beatbots.

Friday night's seated show inside the BMA's auditorium was a great way to get things rolling. There was some pretty hilarious comedy, mind-frying videos, and some stellar musical performances. The legend that is Dan Higgs put on a capivating all vocal performance, and Brooklyn's So Percussion boggled brains with their mesmerizing and electrifying percussive entourage.

But the night was capped off with perfection, with Celebration taking the stage as a six piece. Starting off with some old stuff, but quickly getting into new material, the band filled the room with atmospherical rock gems that never age in beauty. The new songs sounded great live, and they played at least one that hasn't yet been released on their site. Katrina Ford's voice sounded amazing as usual, and it was good to see the majority of the crowd getting out of their seats and coming up to the front of the auditorium.

Stayed tuned for a ton of visuals and thoughts from days two and three of Whartscape.

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