Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekends: Suburban Dome

It's summer. It's friggin' hot. Sounds like the perfect time for some new Weekends jams. The new EP is called Suburban Dome, and features 4 brand new tracks from the duo.

I mentioned a couple of these tracks a few weeks ago, as they rocked two of them at Whartscape. These new songs had me running over to the merch table in hopes of physical gratification. Fortunately, four bucks granted me this satisfaction.

Weekend's strong suit is creating incredibly catchy guitar riffs, which is surprisingly sometimes a breath of fresh air these days. Drenched in pure rock and roll, look no further than the 11 tracks of their debut for examples.

Suburban Dome isn't a step in any new direction, but an affirmation that these guys are for real. "Raingirls", has to be the best song in their very young catalog. Impossible to stand still to, this is the rowdy summer-soaked rock song we've all been waiting for.

Opening track "Roomate" is a steady psych garage track demanded to be played loud, and boasts a seemingly epic feel. The vocals are still nice and fuzzy on this EP, but the distortion sounds as if to be taken down a slight notch. This allows it to feel more like their live performance, a setting in which the duo is best served.

You can catch Brendan and Adam play the Talking Head this Sunday August 2nd. Headlining is Heavy Hands, also with another local favorite Sri Aurobindo.

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