Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Whartscape Spotlight: Gary War

This year's Whartscape mostly focuses on artists from around the 'hood, but also welcomes those from round yonder as well. Gary War fits the yonder category with perfection, as his origin seems to go unknown.

Permanent residence or not, Gary War is a ridiculously busy entity. Dude's got a bunch of tapes and vinyl already released with Shdwply and Sacred Bones, and more on the way with Woodsist.

It seems apparent that his nomadic behavior reigns true in both physical space and aural recordings. His debut full length dropped on Shdwply last year, titled New Raytheonport. Completely drenched in lo fidelity neo-pop, this LP was one of my favorite releases of last year that for the most part went completely overlooked.

Ariel Pink helped produce New Raytheonport, and it's incredibly easy to tell. Like Pink, Gary War's ability to write psychedelic dream-tone jams seems to flow effortlessly. This collection of synthy lounge tunes is truly unique, and feels as if it could have come out of three different decades...all at once.

You can download the album for free or buy it (recommended) over at his blog, along with a bunch of other releases of his. Gary War plays Whartscape during the day on Sunday at the MICA parking lot.

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Anonymous said...

i hear tell he is from the greater-boston area