Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fan Death Says DC Music Sucks

Fan Death Records Interview 1 from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

Our neighbors, Fan Death Records, were recently interviewed on the DC based site All Our Noise. In that interview they spoke about their record label, music they liked, and their thoughts on our nation's capital. You can watch the interview above and at AON, but here's a quote that sparked some debate:
"D.C. is a shitty place, with shitty bands, and a shitty outlook on life. I mean, it’s kind of sad in a way, there’s a lot of history here that everybody knows about. I don’t think it went down the path that I would have wanted it to. I think with D.C. there’s this thing that bands want to make it…they think they can make it in D.C. because they’re from D.C. there’s that history there and that that’s an automatic foot in the door to whatever they’re doing. But even beyond that attitude portion of it, there’s just not good music. There are two good bands in D.C." - Sean (Fan Death)
Chris of Fan Death went on to make note that those two bands were Screen Vinyl Image and Lotus Fucker. Yesterday the Washington Citypaper pointed out Fan Death's opinion, spawning one of the uglier comments section I've seen on the interwebs. Personal attacks were made, and hasty backlash ensued.

Last night Fan Death gave me their current stance on the matter:
"Go orioles and white sox. Oh and PS, Tejada... bad move. Baseball is more imporant than shitty bands. Especially shitty bands in DC."
People like different kinds of music, and are also entitled to give opinions on their choices in art and how they view it. I grew up in between Washington and Baltimore. I've been to some decent shows in DC, but I've been to a lot of better ones in Baltimore. That's my opinion. I'll still go to some shows in DC, but I'll continue go to more shows in the city that I reside. That's my choice.

Yet Sean and Chris pointing out their thoughts on a city and its music was combated by some DC Citypaper readers (via blog post commenting) with blatant ignorance.

I don't know, I like baseball too sometimes.

Fan Death Records Interview 2 from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

Fan Death Records Interview 3 from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

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