Sunday, January 3, 2010

Live MP3s: Deacon of Animal Collective at the Ottobar
(+ photos w/ Dan Higgs, Jason Urick, Zomes, Moss of Aura)

Deacon at the Ottobar
Deacon, or Joshua "Deakin" Dibb of Animal Collective, played his first ever solo show on the first night of the new decade here in Baltimore, Maryland. This show was a precursor to his trip to Africa, where he was invited to play the Festival au Desert in Mali.

This was the unveiling of his solo material, and part of an amazing evening at the Ottobar that included Jason Urick, Daniel Higgs, Zomes, and Moss of Aura.

Below are the MP3s of Deacon's set, and photos from the entire night.

Deacon at the Ottobar
Deacon played five new songs, all of which he's decided to exist unnamed for the time being. Josh said he'd update me with track names once he had reached Germany from Africa and had a better internet connection. Here's the audio, but please link to this post when sharing it with others:

MP3s: Deacon live at the Ottobar - January 1, 2010

Taper: Charlie Hughes
Soundboard: Rob Girardi
Ottobar 1/1/10 Baltimore, MD

Chrissy Abbott was able to shoot the whole night, and the full photo set is in the flash gallery at the bottom. Deacon is currently in Africa, and plans to write a book and put out a new album in 2010. Look for real nice things to come.

Normally I'd share my thoughts on new material, especially for those that have inspired us in so many ways. However, for this night I just want the content to be out there, and the show to be remembered.

Daniel Higgs at the Ottobar
Daniel Higgs

Jason Urick at the Ottobar
Jason Urick

Moss of Aura at the Ottobar
Moss of Aura (Gerritt Welmers of Future Islands)

Zomes at the Ottobar

Photos by Chrissy

Hello, 2010.


Ben said...

thanks so much! going to listen to this now. so sad i missed the show. keep on doing what you do best!

Chrissy Abbott said...

this guy is just totalllllly ripping off animal collective

Anonymous said...

Is audio for the rest of the night going to be released?

Brett said...

Unfortunately the original taper couldn't make it last minute, so a buddy of mine at the show ran home to grab equipment. He only had enough battery power for one set to tape, but did a damn fine job in the clutch.

Mega thanks to Charlie on this one.

Unknown said...

2nd file seems to be corrupt. won't let me unpack it.

thanks a lot regardless.

Brett said...

second track works for me and everyone else we've spoken with that has downloaded it.

you need to try using different software to open the zip file. Enjoy dude!

Unknown said...

I guess I'll try to re-download it.

Anonymous said...

what program will properly unzip the files? winrar and winzip both say that the 2nd file is corrupted. thanks

Brett said...

Anon - I just tested the file and it worked fine for me, I used windows to extract the files.

Email me later today and I'll be happy to send you track 2 :)

Jared said...

I also am having trouble getting the second track to work. Used winrar, 7zip, winzip, and windows explorer... it's corrupt.


Brett said...

Hi Jared, its still seems to be working great for me, but I'll go ahead and re-upload later today just to be sure.

Jared said...

Thanks Brett! It's just track 2.


Blazed Anco Bro 2k9 said...

Deak in the house! Always thought Anco lost something when he kicked them out of his solo project.


Anonymous said...


Brett said...

If you're having problems with the second track, here it is:

Unknown said...

I taped Deacon and the preceding sets but letft since it was a long weekend. my rig was ca-14(cards)>ca-9100>dr-07 if anyone is interested in any of them.... i got in touch with Deacon and he is cool with now i am waiting on them to approve it.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

thanks yall

Matthew McVickar said...

Any update on the track list here?