Monday, January 25, 2010

Twin Stumps - Live at Shea Stadium Cassette

Over the next couple months, I'll be featuring as many bands as I can that are playing DNA Test Fest III this April in Baltimore. I look forward to pushing my eardrums to their breaking points throughout this seemingly daunting task.

Twin Stumps
are a noisy Brooklyn based rock outfit. They dropped their debut last year, a 12 inch on Dais Records. The 300 copies are long gone, but dudes have some things brewing for 2010. In addition to a new LP in the works, Fan Death Records is soon offering a limited cassette release from the band.

Live at Shea Stadium will be limited to 200 tapes, and will be only available through Fan Death and the band. It is the documentation of their set at the NYC space on October 17, 2009. This live session was recorded not long before bassist Mike Yaniro was beaten as part of an extremely violent robbery.

Mike Yaniro was without health insurance, and required a good deal of surgery. There have already been several benefit shows to help raise money for Mike's recovery, and this tape will serve that same purpose. All proceeds from the cassette will go towards helping him out.

As for the music - loud and abrasive with splintered feedback and complete dominance. This set was recorded at 2 am, and the tape was mastered (LOUD) by Pygmy Shrews' Ben Greenberg. These dudes perfect the art of chaotic distortion and feedback, and layer it over some heavy yet catchy rhythms. The screaming vocals are rather intrusive, and are just another claustrophobic element that makes your head buzz with glory.

A force of a band that is said to embody traits of the 1980s pigfuck scene in NYC, this tape archives a night of rage. Pair that rage with drunken guitar noise, heavy late night wails, and thunderously splintered bass, and you've got yourself a tape.

Look for this release to drop on Fan Death the first week of February, and keep posted on a Twin Stumps LP via Fan Death in the future. They play the Test Fest pre-party at Ruintown on April 2nd, and are also part of the DNA Test Fest III lineup the following night at Sonar.

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