Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dead Drums - Fashion Defense

Caleb Moore, member of Lands & Peoples, dropped his first solo release a few weeks back. It was originally a free release via his own site, and is now also listed as the tenth release over at Wigflip Records. If you're following along too, this is the new Baltimore music outlet's tenth release of just this year, most of which have been free downloads. Looks like I may need to just designate a weekly segment to Wigflip releases.

Caleb's solo moniker is dubbed Dead Drums, an incredibly fitting name for the style of this first release which is called Fashion Defense. The meaning is evident in the EP's very first track, a slow building ambient shower that's topped off with warped percussion that never fully comes to life. Hear for yourself.

<a href="">literally illiterate by dead drums</a>

Dead Drums paints surreal and aurally cleansing soundscapes that are ideal for minimal use of brain cells, or deep thought... either way works. These are the kind of jams that never quite take the forefront, but hint at wanting to throughout. Sound collages that are full of melody but hidden under smatterings of murky tape hiss and fuzzy ideas.

The EP clocks in at over 18 minutes, giving a nice taste of what else might come of Caleb's side sounds. It was recorded in his Waverly home, and is dedicated to his cat Fishstick, Heath Ledger, and reefer. Fashion Defense is certainly worth your while, so go grab it here.

1. literally illiterate 02:37
2. girls 01:35
3. fashion defense 01:27
4. more perfecter 02:47
5. mr. horse / let us build a woodbridge together 03:35
6. narcoleptic shock 02:19
7. we live in a house 02:32
8. edna 01:24

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