Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tonight: Mi Ami, Thank You, Dope Body

Tonight's killer lineup has been moved from Open Space down to the Zodiac, as Mi Ami comes to town and joins forces with Thank You and Dope Body.

Mi Ami are fresh off their latest release with Thrill Jockey, Steal Your Face. Streaming below is the second track off the new LP called "Latin Lover".

This track is a toned down banger courtesy of Mi Ami, with the heavy ecstatic bounce found in all of the trio's work. As seen in the cover art for Steal Your Face above, there's clearly a certain ode to dub to be found throughout the new record. However, this tribute is warped with enough freaked-out lagos and tribal drum sonics to make your head spin in that good way.

In addition to a performance that I'm pretty certain will have you running to grab Mi Ami's new LP, tonight you'll also get a rhythmic bunch of a more local variety - Thank You. These guys are yet another Baltimore band under the Thrill Jockey umbrella, whose last EP showed some signs of good things to come for whatever is next.

Dope Body continue to get better and better, a drowning wave of rage and joy that hits you all at once and deep in the belly. You can still pick up Twenty Pound Brick over at Wtrclr, and the dudes also have some sick new demos up on their myspace. Be sure to check out "Bully".

The show tonight is at 10 PM at the Zodiac.

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