Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friends and Friends of Friends:
Sri Aurobindo, Shields, Daytime

Sri Aurobindo at the Metro Gallery
Friends and Friends of Friends was made available digitally for free this week, 60 minutes of new music somehow rooted in Baltimore by Friends Records.

Sri Aurobindo have been making psychedelic rock and roll in Baltimore for years, but just last year released their debut CD. They also dropped Return Into Earth later in 2009, and now the second LP of the Friends Records catalog will be Cave Painting. This is their first proper full length, and first vinyl release.

Cave Painting is almost exactly 20 minutes on each side, and embodies everything this band has been about since their inception - Garage rock psychedelics with a pop twist. "Don't Know" is one of the finer chunks of proof that these are properly uncovered sounds. The band dug deep to contribute a live on-air gem recorded at College Park's WMUC a couple years ago.

<a href="">Sri Aurobindo - Don't Know (live @ WMUC) by Friends Records</a>

Greg over at Aural States also premiered the studio version of "Don't Know" a few weeks back. Hear new things from Shields and Daytime after the jump.

Mike Romano was once a member of Vincent Black Shadow, but for the past five years has been with Sri Aurobindo. All while creating the psych rock sounds, Mike's had a knack for building blissed out hip hop beats under the moniker Shields.

You'll find Shields beats littered over Height's Winterize the Game, and on some of Jones' record. Mike was also behind "Cold Crush" which will be on Bed of Seeds. Shields has a new LP in the works, and "Dangx2" is a brand new track from this beat-smith.

<a href="">Shields - DANGx2 by Friends Records</a>

Neil Renalda is Daytime, best known for his artwork and dedication to Open Space. Neal also designed the mega fancy cover art for Strange Cultures. Daytime is an experimental ambient noise project, melodic sounds that paint beautiful imagery of with often very rough edges. I've already highly recommended Mirrored World, and he's got a handful of other fine sounds available over at Lost Ghosts Records.

<a href="">Daytime - Lights by Friends Records</a>

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